10 Signs of Bad Eyelash Extensions

You could walk out of the beauty salon with the eyelash extension of your dreams, or you walk out feeling like your dreams have become a nightmare! Lash extensions are beautiful when fixed rightly and something to be desired. So it could be that you are easily turned off when eyelash extensions are mentioned because of previous bad experiences or the stories of the bad experiences of others. 

If you ask around, you will find that many ladies have bad experiences with eyelash extensions. This article will help you quickly detect bad eyelash extension fixes and how you could avoid them.

How Do I Know If My Eyelash Extensions Are Bad?

bad Eyelashes

With this simple information, it is easy to spot bad eyelash extensions.

1. Difficulty Combing or Brushing through your Lash Extensions.

This is one of the easiest ways to know something is wrong with your lash extensions. A good lash extension fix should leave your extensions well isolated for a spoolie to brush through it; when this doesn’t happen, it means that too much glue was used to adhere the extensions to the natural lash, leaving a thick glue cluster of lashes and extension.

This would mean that many lashes are stuck with each other, leading to quick breakage and shedding as each lash are not on the same cycle. Too much glue could also seal your hair follicles and put too much strain on your lashes. This is bad news for lashes as most of them would be lost after the extensions are off.                                                                                                                                                 

2. Burning or Stinging of the Eyes During Or After Application

Eyelash extension fixes should be painless and seamless if styled by a lash stylist who knows their worth. This burning feeling during or after an application is the effect of the lash glue touching the eyes.

The lash glue is semi-permanent and not permanent and should be from skin-irritating compounds; using a non-specified glue for this could lead to a burning sensation from the glue’s fumes. Ask your stylist about the glue used and its safety for the skin.

If, after the fix and your eyes still burn constantly, you may still need to return and have the extensions removed. Lash extensions fixed well should not cause burning; a little watery eye is normal.

           3. Lash Extensions Poking Into Your Eyes

Your lash extensions should be comfortable to wear all day or week-long without the constant poke of a lash extension. Your stylist with an eye for lash design would carefully and rightly place each extension according to length in the appropriate corners of your eyes.

Missing this could mean that some lash extensions would turn, twist or fold, causing it to poke and cause discomfort. It is best to notify your lash stylist if you feel any poking to adjust the extension while the application is ongoing.

4. If Your Extensions Look Fake And Unnatural

Every lady wants to walk out of the beauty salon with extensions that look entirely natural and could pass as one’s natural lash line. Your desire is possible if your lash stylist knows what they are doing and how to rightly select the perfect lash extensions that suit your eye shape and natural lash strength.

It does require some skill from your stylist, patience, and experience. Using fake-looking extensions or clusters should be avoided if you get the lashes of your dreams.

5. Short Time Application

Having your extension fixed quickly and being happy you are done in about an hour or barely an hour is a big red flag! Eyelash extensions take time when fixed rightly, and your lash stylist must be careful to attach lash extensions to lashes individually and not the skin.

The glue used is attached to a lash strand and not skin. A well-fixed complete set takes about 1.5 – 2hrs; anything short of this means the stylist did not adequately fill the lash strands. The disadvantage is that you will have more noticeable gaps when the shedding starts.

  6. Very Cheap Extension Fix

When you get a very cheap extension done, chances are your stylist compromised on many materials to get your extensions done.

Compromise from the choice of lash glue to the extension materials used; this could be because your stylist isn’t a professional. Lash extension fixes could be pricey depending on Salons, but they are worth it as long as you get it done well.

7. Same Lengths of Extensions Are Used 

Lash extensions come in different lengths, Curls to give that full glare. A lash stylist knows where to fix each lash extension by length and volume to give that desired lash look.

Shorter lengths in the inner corners of the eyes, while the longest lengths are either used in the midsection or halfway to the outer corners of the eyes; it all depends on the desired lash look to be created.

But either way, a long extension placed in the inner corners of your eyes could mean your stylist doesn’t know what they are doing, as it should carry a similar semblance to the natural lash look.

8. If your lash extensions barely last a week

Eyelash extensions are semi-permanent applications and should last for approximately 4-6 weeks with needed refills from the second week into the third week.

But when you can’t safely carry your lash extensions for more than a week, it is most likely that the lash stylist didn’t fix it correctly, hence the rapid shedding, twist, or change of lash shape. Tell your stylist to take their time and that you aren’t in a hurry.

9. Too much visible glue

Yes, this is a total turn-off! Walking around with visible glue in your eyes is a clear sign of a bad lash extension. The glue is applied to adhere the extensions to the natural lashes, and pouring too much glue is a no.

You want people to think you effortlessly grew your lashes overnight and not that you glued some extensions. A good glue should dry well, leaving no visible or tacky appearance.

10. The Falling or Loss Of Natural Lashes

You probably had a friend who, after an extension, lost most of her natural lashes or had very sparse lashes left; this is a sign of a bad extension. After rocking your extensions for about 4-6weeks, you shouldn’t be afraid of a sparse natural line if your lash stylist did a good job.

Many natural lashes fall or break due to a lack of caution on the side of the stylist as to fixing the extensions. And when it is time to be removed, it is also best advised to go to a professional to get it done with appropriate tools and skill.

After your lash extensions are fixed, it is important you give them proper care to avoid any quick loss or premature shedding of extensions. It is possible to have a good job done by your stylist and ruin them due to manhandling. Read more.

How Not To Be A Victim of Bad Eyelash Extensions

 You have seen all the signs of bad eyelash extensions, and you can avoid them by following these simple guidelines.

Choose A Professional Lash Stylist

Your choice of a professional stylist is our first advice to those who want to get a lash extension done. Know your lash stylist, don’t just hop into any beauty salon without having good information about their previous and recent eyelash jobs.

You can walk in and ask to see their photo catalog of original jobs done by them. You can also visit their online pages and platforms and check for reviews and comments by other clients who have used their services; it should help calm and alleviate your fears.

Speak To Your Stylist About Preferred Style

After choosing your Lash Extension Stylist, make sure you have an appointment where you can go over the exact lash curl style to suit your eye’s shape and look.

Don’t just assume any style would go; discuss this with your stylist before they begin to avoid disappointment once the application is made. You also want to discuss the best lash length suitable for you.

Count The Cost

Be ready to make a reasonable financial investment. Getting gorgeous lashes and fixing them would cost you some money, so be prepared to make the financial sacrifices instead of cutting corners with the price to get it cheaper. Lower prices often land you into unprofessional services.

Be Patient

Lastly, once your appointment is fixed, your patience is as important as the stylist. If you want a job well done, you must be willing to give time to have your extensions properly fixed; rushing your stylist is not to your advantage. I advise you to take your Lash Extension appointment as a time to relax as you allow your stylist do their job.

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