5 Ways To Clean A Mascara Wand

Every girl can have her magic wand, a wiggle here and there, and your lashes can go from just there to awe-mazing! A mascara wand is an essential tool in every lady’s makeup purse, and it is vital to clean correctly and with the correct information.

Your regular mascara comes with a mascara wand and a bottle tube where the wand is immersed in a specially formulated liquid. These wands come in different sizes, shapes, and materials to give your lashes that desired curl, volume, and length.

The constant daily use of the mascara can create left-over residues, clumps, and rolled-in hairs stuck on the bristles of the mascara wand; it, therefore, needs cleaning to have it safe and effective for use.

5 Simple Ways to Clean Your Mascara Wand

Image of a mascara wand wiped on a clean surface.
  1. Get the left-over residues and rolled hairs out of your mascara wand.

Use toilet paper or makeup remover wipes to wipe off excess mascara residue. After wiping your mascara on toilet paper, gently use your hands to roll out tangled hairs from your mascara wands.

Be careful doing this not to destroy the soft bristles of your mascara. And don’t forget to wipe your mascara handle with another clean wipe. 

2. Do a Hot Water Soak. 

This method is straightforward and relatively easy also. Hot water is used but not boiling water, as this could melt your mascara wand’s plastic handle, spoil the bristles, and defeat the idea of reusing it.

Get a glass of hot water and soak; place your mascara wand face down with the bristles into the hot water and keep it there for 10minutes. The water gradually changes color as it dissolves most of the residues.

3. Shampoo the Mascara Wand

It is possible to have some residue left in your mascara wand even after the hot water soak. To have a cleaner wand, squeeze some shampoo into your palm and gently swipe your mascara brush to form a lather, removing the dirt. Don’t use a harsh shampoo for this; a mild baby shampoo will get the job done well.

4. Disinfect Your Mascara Wands with Isopropyl Alcohol. 

Alcohol has been known for safely disinfecting surface items, so your mascara wand is not left out of the list. You can pour alcohol into a glass and dip the brush end into the alcohol and use your hand to stir with the wand in the glass.

Another alternative would be to keep a spray bottle of isopropyl alcohol ready to spritz on your mascara bristles to disinfect them to keep the germs out safely.

5. Leave your Mascara Wand to Dry

After cleaning your Mascara Wand, it is crucial how you dry it to not to reintroduce germs again. Get a clean towel, place your clean Mascara Wand, and leave it to drain the water completely.

After cleaning it, you could also use a brush holder to keep your mascara wand safe. Place the brush upside down with the bristles hanging downwards; avoid your cleaned mascara wand touching other uncleaned brushes to avoid germs.

Other tips on your Mascara Wand

You may find cleaning your mascara wand quite challenging but still desire to maintain eye hygiene or may have to do a series of work on different clients, leaving you with little time for a proper mascara cleaning.

You should purchase disposable Spoolies. It is a better and safe option as you are sure it’s clean and safe. By purchasing disposable spoolies, you save a lot of time and keep the integrity of your work hygiene for clients. 

Can I Still Reuse Mascara Wands?

Your Mascara wands could come pricey depending, and after a while of cleaning, you may still feel like keeping them, and we are here to tell you, you can!

You can still keep your mascara wand even after two or three months of reuse. That it’s a little old to give your lashes that perfect curl and shape doesn’t mean it’s too old to get other things done. Here are a few other uses of your mascara wands.

clean mascara wand
Image of a lady using a spoolie as a brow brush
  • Great as a brow brush.

Brush and set that brow with a mascara wand. The small bristles are great for combing out brow hairs and keeping them looking neat. You can also use the mascara wand to apply brow powder or gel to your brows for a more defined look.

  • Suitable for cleaning jewelry.

It might seem not easy to clean your jewelry pieces, but with a mascara wand, it is easy. The tiny brushes are great for brushing away dirt clumped into your chains, necklaces, and earrings. 

  • It is an excellent option to brush flayed hairs around the edges.

Nail that perfect ponytail look by controlling those flayed hairs or edges. Using your mascara wand with a bit of gel or vaseline could be a hair saver! 

  • It is an essential tool in applying lash growth oils.

You could slightly dip your cleaned mascara wand into a lash growth serum or oil like pure castor oil to help improve the lash length and look. 

  • Use your Mascara Wand to exfoliate your lips gently.

Dry and Chapped lips could get a complete makeover using a split mascara wand with lip scrub treatment. Gently rub the wand into the scrub and rub this into the lip continuously till you feel old dry skin gently falling off. Vaseline can all be used with the wand to moisturize the lip.

From giving you the best lash curls and shapes to helping brush your brows to cleaning your precious jewels and exfoliating your lips, the Mascara wand truly is a valuable tool, whether new or old. With these helpful tips, you can enjoy its many benefits for longer and better.

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