How to Shower With Eyelash Extensions – 12 Tips

If you are new to getting eyelash extensions, you must have been given a few aftercare tips. Although many things are included in the aftercare tips, the most important question most people ask is how to shower with eyelash extensions. As a reminder, eyelash extensions are semi-permanent individual lashes that are applied to your natural lashes to give the illusion that you are wearing mascara or fake eyelashes all the time.

You can also wear eyelash extensions for weeks, and they will look more attractive if you take proper care of them. When you first get your eyelash extensions on, the lash artist will instruct you to avoid getting your extensions wet for the first 24 to 48 hours after application to enable adhesive to set in.

Can You Shower With Eyelash Extensions?

The good news is that you do not have to wait 24 hours after your eyelash extension application to shower. You have to be careful with heat and avoid powerful showerheads; otherwise, you risk losing your extensions because of the steam.

Remember that water or showering will not make your lash extensions fall out prematurely. These extensions will fall out on their own according to the growth cycle of your natural lashes. Here is a guide to making your eyelash extensions last longer! This article has listed some ways to shower with eyelash extensions.

1. Avoid Hot Steamy Showers

Always remember to lower your shower temperature if you are the type that likes a hot, steamy bath. Taking hot steamy showers will make your extensions not stay in place because of the high temperature, and it can weaken the bond between your extensions and your natural lashes.

Aside from hot steamy showers, saunas and steams should also be avoided because they would cause harm to your lash extensions. In addition, you are to keep the shower slightly warm with a temperature between 99 to 105 degrees.

2. Avoid Powerful Showerheads

If you are the type that loves speedy water running from the showerhead, then it might be challenging to avoid this, but for the sake of your extensions, you might want to avoid it. The force of water gushing out of the showerhead can affect the lash bonding and ruin your lash extensions.

However, if it is difficult to avoid this, you can turn around and let the water fall on your back instead, or you can cup some water with your hands and use it to rinse your face.

3. Avoid Rubbing And Scrubbing

You might be tempted to rub or scrub your eyes while showering, and while it is understandable, it can be hazardous when you have your lash extensions on. When showering, try to avoid the eye area and be gentle along the lash line and close to the lash line.

The vigorous rubbing and scrubbing can cause friction and damage your lashes, and the less you mess with your lashes, the longer they will last.

4. Use Swimming Goggles

Wearing water-resistant goggles to protect your lash extensions when showering is necessary. Most people recommend using goggles while taking showers because they can protect the extensions from the showerhead. However, in most cases, the water can easily slip in and damage the adhesive of the lash extensions.

To avoid this, make sure you use goggles that are suction-proof, which won’t fasten to your extensions and can keep water from creeping into your eyes. Another thing to keep in mind is to make sure the goggles are dry and chlorine-free. Furthermore, do not use small swimming goggles; instead, use oversized goggles because they can accommodate your lash extensions.

5. Review Your Cosmetics Products

When it comes to eyelash extensions, you do not want to use any products containing alcohol or oil. Oil-free products are acne-free, and they do not block your pores, but oil-based products do not go in line with eyelash extensions, and as a result, they can cause the lashes to detach because the adhesive bond will break down.

Furthermore, if you are unsure about any products you are using, you can take them to your next appointment and let your lash artist review them.

6. Pamper Your Lashes

Just as you would love to be pampered, your lashes will love to do the same. If you try dabbing your towel directly on your eyes after taking a shower, it might exert pressure on the lash extensions, and the tender lash extensions may get pulled due to this force.

Instead of dabbing directly, you can dab the area above and below the eyes, then gently brush the lashes with a lash brush to keep them fluffy and well-maintained.

7. Use Eyelash Shampoo

Although you can’t rub your eyes while having your shower, you can use your eyelash shampoo to wash them. Eyelash shampoo can help maintain the glue on your extensions and make them last longer.

For best results, spray the lash shampoo on a cleansing brush or lint-free pad, then close your eyes and gently apply to the base of the lashes using downward strokes. Once you are done, gently rinse your eyes with warm water. Remember not to use the lash shampoo if you have oversensitive skin or any disorder or an open wound around the eyes.

8. Use Shower Eye Shields

Like swimming goggles, you can use a shower eye shield to protect your eyelash extensions when showering. Also, the shower eye shield will prevent irritation if you have the most sensitive skin.

To use the shower eye shield, remove the protective tape from the adhesive strip, then press the shower shield against your forehead skin above your eyebrow. After doing this, you are safe to jump into the shower.

9. Use A Shower Mask

Shower masks stick directly to your head and help keep water away from your face. Ensure you dispose of the shower mask after using it because it usually comes in a hundred pack.

10. Avoid Soaps Or Lotions

For your eyelash extensions, avoid any soap or lotion near your eyes because they can affect the adhesive or cause an allergic reaction that can be harmful.

11. Clean And Dry Your Eyelash Extensions

Clean and dry your eyelash extensions at the end of every shower. Cleaning is essential to promote the health of your lashes. However, cleaning your extensions with water is not enough to remove the dirt and oil accumulated on the extensions. You also need to clean with a makeup brush and a lash cleanser because it is the best way to avoid pressure and rubbing.

You can dry your extensions with an air-dry when you are done cleaning. Ensure you set the dryer on a cool-air setting and a low-cool mode. Then keep the dryer a few inches away from your lashes to prevent the high-pressure air from damaging your eyelash extensions.

If you feel reluctant to use the dryer, you can your lash extensions dry naturally, or you can use a towel to gently tap on the eyes for a few seconds to dry them off. Be careful not to use too much force; otherwise, you might damage your lash extensions.

12. Brush Your Eyelash Extensions After Showering

After you must have showered with your eyelash extensions, grab a lash comb and gently comb through your extensions to keep them fluffy and in place. Brushing through your eyelash extensions will make them last longer and look natural; if not, they might start to clump or stick together.

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