Lash Enhancement: Everything You Need to Know

In the beauty world today, we are consistently graced with trends that enhance and modify our looks. And many of these trends have moved from semi-permanent beauty enhancements to more permanent enhancements.

Lash Enhancement Before and After
Lash Enhancement Before and After by browbasicsbymeg

One of the hot raves of the moment is Lash Enhancement. If that doesn’t sound familiar maybe you have heard of Permanent Eyeliner, Invisible Eyeliner, or Tattooed Eyeliner. It is called different names, all meaning the same thing. The pretty cool thing about this enhancement is that it could go unnoticed. That sounds cool, right? Lash Enhancement has become the hottest new trend for your lashes, and we will find out just why.

What Is Lash Enhancement All About?

Lash Enhancement falls under a permanent cosmetic procedure that involves a thin line drawn precisely on the eyelids. This ultra-thin line is a pigmentation across the lash line that looks like the traditional eyeliner. This ‘Invisible Liner’ creates the illusion of a denser, lush-looking lash line. And it can cut down eye makeup time, as it gives you already lined eyes every day.

A Lash Enhancement procedure should only be carried out by trained professionals as it involves using specialized instruments and great skill to create a perfect permanent eyeliner.

Lash Enhancement Procedure

Unlike Eyelash extensions which are semi-permanent cosmetic applications, lash enhancement offers you permanent eye makeup. The result of using a special tattoo instrument to create a tattooed eyeliner is amazing, but the idea of a tattoo gun anywhere near your eyes may send shivers down your spine.

A special machine with a smaller needle is used to create a dark line pigmentation across the lash line. This machine is not the same as the traditional tattoo gun which is bigger in size. A trained Lash Artist uses the machine to create a thin line that’s not noticeable.

The machine used to create this invisible line is called The Nouveau Contour Device, and it is used to deposit hypoallergenic mineral pigment on the eyelid that’s considered safe. The pigment penetrates deep into the skin. The procedure of application is quite different from a Body Tattoo which makes use of permanent ink.

How To Prepare For Your Lash Enhancement Appointment

Planning on getting a lash enhancement done? You need to know what this entails, and what is expected from you.

When going for a lash enhancement appointment, it is good to make sure you are in good hands. Do well to verify the certification of your Stylist as this procedure requires a special skill by a trained professional. The Lash Enhancement procedure is one to be carried out on a sensitive spot, and as such untrained personnel shouldn’t handle the job.

Go through their previous works, and ask for their catalogs. Make sure it’s their job and not online shopped images. Visit and check their social media for reviews and feedback from other clients who have used their services.

Once all of these is verified, you are ready for your appointment. This is how you should go for your appointment:

  • Go with No Eye Makeup. The lash enhancement procedure is to be done on the eyelid and as such, there is no need for you to appear at your appointment with your eyes clad with eyeshadow or any other eye makeup for that matter.
  • It is always best to skip special eye treatments, creams, and serums two weeks before your appointment. It is best to avoid anything that could cause eye-skin irritations or sensitivity.
  • Dress Comfy for your appointment. It is important to note that your lash enhancement procedure will not be carried out in a jiffy, hence the need to dress comfortably. You would be made to lie in the same position for almost two hours. Avoid wearing tight-fitting clothes that could cause you to itch and sweat. Leather clothes are not advisable.

How Is The Lash Enhancement Procedure Done?

The procedure is carried out with the eyes completely closed. The Styling Artist begins by cleaning the eye area with a special cleansing formula in preparing the area. Good hygiene is very important to prevent skin inflammation and irritation, and that’s why choosing a reputable salon should be top on your list.
After the eye area is cleaned, a numbing cream is applied to make the skin area numb. The numbing cream is left for some minutes to allow the effect to kick in. The numbing effect reduces the discomforts that would have been felt around the eye area. It is normal to feel a tingling sensation once the stylist has begun, and this should not be considered abnormal.

What To Expect After The Procedure

After the procedure, it is normal to notice some redness around the eye area. A little swelling is also normal, but the swelling gradually reduces with time. Ice bags can be placed on the swelling as this will cause the swelling to reduce. It is also important to note that during the first few weeks of healing, avoid using eye makeup and serums as this could cause possible irritations.

Allowing your skin to heal after this procedure is very vital, and your stylist would go over aftercare management practices with you to ensure you are in order. Most Salons will book you for another post-appointment to view the eye area and how your skin is coping with the treatment.

In the first few weeks after the procedure, the eyeline may look darker and bolder, but with time the color looks more natural.
Also, avoid Lash Extension applications the first two weeks after your lash enhancement appointment.

How Long Does A Lash Enhancement Procedure Last?

Your lash enhancement procedure would last for about two hours or a little more. After the area has been cleaned, the numbing cream must take its time to work and numb the area. The same is done for the other eye also.

How Long Does A Lash Enhancement Result Last?

Permanent Eye Makeup such as the Lash Enhancement uses mineral pigments that can last up to 5 years. Yes! You heard that right. It is technically rated to last between 3-5 years. It varies for individuals and this is dependent on other factors. That’s some time if you ask me. This is one of the very attractive benefits of lash enhancement, it eradicates time spent on eye makeup. As time goes the line gradually fades and the line could look smudged.

Who Should Avoid A Lash Enhancement?

Lash Enhancement is technically considered safe but should be avoided by anyone suffering from any eye issues or skin conditions such as:

  • Glaucoma
  • Psoriasis
  • Blepharitis
  • Eczema
  • Any kind of Eye surgery
  • Anyone using eye drop medications should consult their physician first.

Any of these eye conditions should be properly treated and medical permission should be granted before attempting a lash enhancement procedure.

How Much Does A Lash Enhancement Cost?

Depending on your location and the Salon, the cost of getting a lash enhancement ranges from $400 to $1000. More famous lash artists are known to be more expensive than lash artists who are not famous. Prices may also vary depending on the service. The lash enhancement is usually focused on the upper- eyelid, but some salons offer pigmentation of the lower lid and this attracts additional cost. If you are looking at having both lids done, the prices would be added together.

A Lash Enhancement procedure can be considered costly but it definitely has its benefits. From saving you precious makeup time and money to waking up every day with already lined beautiful eyes. The permanent eyeliner makes your lashes look darker and fuller.

It is worth the cost, as it can replace makeup instruments like eyeliner and mascara. A Lash Enhancement is considered safe when done by a professional lash stylist, so the need to make a perfect choice when choosing your lash stylist.

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