2D Vs 3D Vs 6D Lashes

Lash extensions are a game-changing cosmetic application. It first began with simple classic lash looks, but as time went on, lash lovers wanted more volume, leading to the Volume Lashes. When it comes to volume lashes, we cannot have enough! They greatly enhance your lash look, increasing the density of your lashes. We have Russian Lash Artists to thank for their Volume lash innovation that has spread worldwide.

Volume lashes are the new deal! Get ready to look bolder in 2D, 3D, or 6D, as we explore the varied densities of Volume Lashes.

Volume Lashes Origin

The Volume lashes are hot on the scene and aren’t leaving anytime soon, so let’s get familiar with them. Volume Lashes, called Russian Volume Lashes, originated in Russia. The Russian technicians scaled up simple classic lashes and brought a voluminous beauty to crave for.

How are Russian Volume Lashes Created?

Russian Volume Lashes are created by increasing the number of single lashes to one strand of a natural lash. In a Classic lash, one lash extension is attached to one lash strand, creating a simple basic lash look.

The Russian Volume lash is created with 2 or more single lashes attached to one natural lash. It is usually numbered according to the number of lashes in one fan.

A Fan is an attachment of two or more lashes. The Fans are numbered: 2D to 10D, depicting the number of lashes in a fan. These fans can be premade or self-made. Increasing lash strands increases the density and volume of the lash look. Fans can come pre-made, or you can make them yourself.

2D Lashes

2D Lashes
2D Lashes by mvivien_beauty

The doubling of one lash extension form a 2D Volume Lashes. 2D lashes are a step away from Classic lashes, as it has increased density. The 2D lashes add extra volume in a very subtle way.

Usually, this lash look can be called A Classic 2D. The Classic 2D is a blend of the Classic Lash and the 2D Volume lash. It’s an excellent option for those looking at adding density to their classic lash.

3D Lashes

3D Lashes
3D Lashes by mojkabeauty

Tripling the single lash extensions creates a 3D volume Lash. 3D lashes are more voluminous lashes with more lash density. The more volume of 3D lash creates a more dramatic look than the 3D Lashes.

6D Lashes

6D Lashes
6D Lashes by flafie_artist

Let’s talk about dramatic lash looks! 6D lashes are made up of 6 single lashes fanned together. A heavy density of lash is created with way more volume.

Lash Volume Types

Lash volumes vary and can be customized to meet clients’ preferences and styles. In categorizing lash volumes, we have two major classes, and they are:
The Russian Volume and The Mega Volume

Russian Volume
The Russian Volume Lash is volume lashes with 2-5 Single lashes in a fan. This creates a voluminous lash line.

Mega Volume
These are heavily voluminous lashes with more density than the Russian volume. Mega Volume lashes are to be super light lashes to balance the weight of a fanned cluster.

2D Vs. 3D Vs. 6D – Which of these volumes should you go for?

When it comes to choosing the perfect Volume Lash, it is all about preference and style.
These lash volumes give a different density effect to your lash look.

When going for a very subtle volume, the 2D Lash wins it! Out of these three-volume lash choices, the 2D lash is a classic lash with a tint of added volume. An excellent choice for those desiring a tint of drama to their lashes.

2D or 3D Lashes?

Looking at creating a more voluminous look? Go 3D! The 3D lash creates a more dense lash look with some more glamour. You might be desiring more volume than the 2D lash can offer, turn the notch to 3D Lashes. 3D Lashes create a luxurious lash look. Popular in its class is the 3D Mink Lashes!

3D Mink Lashes

3D Mink Lashes win it for popularity, glamour, and a luxurious lash look. You can’t go wrong rocking these beauties as they make bold and glamorous statements fitting your social cadre. Fluff and Flatter these super-light lashes to your heart’s content. Looking for a mix of beauty and glamour? 3D Mink Lashes Wins It Every time!

3D or 6D Lashes?

If Volume is your thing and more volume is your tick, then 6D serves you better! 6D lashes create a bold, more dramatic look than any of the other two volumes. 6 Single lashes fanned together to create a mega-volume look that’s only for those who are lash-audacious!

There are things to consider when choosing your Lash Volume

How To Choose Your Perfect Lash Volume

In choosing your preferred volume, there are two basic guidelines for making a perfect volume choice, and they are:

Your Preferred Style

Not everyone wants their lash style the same that’s why there are so many styles, and lash looks available to suit individual preferences and styles. Before turning the volume up, it is also great to have in mind what the occasion is. Are you in formal environments often? Then play light with volume, 2D lashes should work best.

If you are a social junkie, you can flirt with more volume for that flair and glare. 3D and 6D are your best bet! It’s your choice, but most importantly, your lash look should suit your everyday appearance.

Your Lash Strength

We can talk lash volumes all we want, but we can’t override the natural lash strength’s ability to carry these volumes. Beyond having your preferred style, your lash strength must be observed before going wild on volume.

The more lashes are fanned together, the more the weight on your lashes and the possible strain on them. Many lashes can safely carry a 2D and 3D Lash when properly fixed, but a 6D Lash and above requires caution and calculation.

Calculating The Thickness of Volume Lashes

The Russian Volume Lash uses 2 to 5 single lashes to one lash strand. Lashes of 0.05-0.07mm in diameter are used to create a Russian Volume. The diameter here refers to the thickness of each lash extension. The table below gives the total diameter of a fan.

Russian Volume2D3D4D5D
A Table of Total Diameter in Russian Volume Lash Fan

For Mega Volume

6 Single Lashes and above are fixed to one lash strand. Super-light lashes of 0.03mm are used. And that the lashes used are lightweight is no excuse to cluster too many lashes together as this would weigh heavily on your lashes. See here the impact of a Cluster of 6, 8, and 10 Lashes.

Mega Volume6D7D8D9D10D
A Table of Total Diameter in A Mega Volume Lash Fan

The tables above show the total diameters per lash fan for both The Russian Volume and The Mega Volume. The safest lash thickness is 0.10-0.15mm. Some clients with very thick natural lashes can still hold up diameters of 0.18-0.20mm.

Lash diameters of 0.25 are not advised, as they can damage your natural lashes. With this guideline, you can see the possible damage you can inflict on your lashes with additional lashes to a fan. Use the above table to guide your choices on the diameter choice of the single lash to be made and the number of lashes in a fan to be selected.

This table gives you a better guide to seeing the impact of adding extra lashes to a fan. The more extensions are added, the more the diameter increases and the weight of extensions on the natural lash.

A lash artist has to make calculative choices in choosing the perfect lash with respect to length, curl, and thickness for you, and it is a skill that marks out a good lash artist. Not every client wants their lashes looking simple. This article has provided essential tips to up your lash volume game! It’s Game-On from here on!

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