How to Curl Lash Extensions – 7 Steps

Beauty tips and routines are so numerous that we are on every Youtube Channel trying one beauty hack or the other. These beauty tips and hacks have saved many from spending extra dollars and spending more time in the beauty salon. But of course, beauty hacks can go wrong. And there are many tales of such on the Internet.

Many lash extension lovers who desire to keep their lashes curly and pretty are lost about how to go about it. In the beauty industry, many tips have been made possible with the help of different beauty instruments and devices.

If you desire to keep your lashes curled, we are here to show you how. Read on to know the proper way to keep your lashes curled, and prevent them from being damaged.

What You Must Know About Lash Extensions

Lash extensions are cosmetic applications that come with their curl and shape already set. That’s why, while purchasing a lash extension you choose your preferred lash curl as there are so many of them.

Your lash extensions can stay up to 4-6weeks thereabout depending on your handling, and with time they begin to lose their curl. So what do you do when your lashes look straight and don’t give that lift you desire? You can Lash Curl!

How To Restore Your Lash Curl

A simple basic tool such as the Curler has been used for such a long time to get lashes back to shape. The mechanical curler is made with iron with a rubber pad that presses the lash to take its shape. While a Curler is useful in putting your natural lashes into shape, a mechanical curler isn’t safe to be used on your lash extensions. I guess you are wondering what then can be used instead?

Heated Lash Curler

That may sound new to you but hey! It’s available in the market. After-care tips and handling of lash extensions strictly caution against using traditional lash curlers as the force it presses on the lashes could easily break or damage them. A Heated Lash Curler is used instead of a Mechanical Curler. This device is built to monitor the heat so it is not hot enough to damage the lashes.

Why Is A Heated Lash Curler The Best Option?

A Mechanical lash curler is made of iron and too strong for your lash extensions as they are more effective with your natural lashes. Your eyelash extensions are made of different synthetic materials from faux mink and silk fibers. And this means that with time they can lose their curl and beauty. The more natural fibers are more prone to losing their curl than the synthetic fibers.

Technically speaking, lash extensions don’t need to be curled; they come preset from the factory. Lash extensions can lose their curl due to consistent exposure to water or heat. The heated lash curler makes use of electricity to gently heat the silicone pads as it gently presses on the lashes. The temperature can be controlled to prevent overheating and hence, damage to lash extensions.

How To Lash Curl With Heated Curler

Heated Lash Curler
Source: Meiji Beauty Technology

Lash curling your extensions is a simple procedure, and it doesn’t require some special skill. Every device comes with an Instruction Manual, read the manual to get acquainted with the buttons and descriptions. After doing so, follow these easy steps to curl your lashes:

  1. Clean your lashes by washing them. Yes, your lashes can be washed and cleaned to prevent exposure to germs. Read all about washing your lash extensions here.

  1. Use A Clean Spoolie or Washed Mascara Wand to comb out your lashes. Straighten them out. Combing your lashes would separate your lashes to prevent them from sticking together.

  1. Do not lash curl immediately. Allow your lashes to dry naturally and don’t attempt to clean them with a towel. Rubbing your eyelashes with a towel while wet could remove your lashes as the glue may be weaker at this point.

  1. Plug your curler and allow the rubber or silicone pads to slowly heat up, and press your lashes with it. Watch the heat sensor to control the temperature. 

  1. Lash extensions are usually styled differently, so a more voluminous lash would require a little more heat than a classic look with fewer lashes. 

  1. To achieve more curl, place the lash curler on the lashes and leave for 5-10secs.

  1. Avoid using the heated lash curler from the base of the lash extensions to avoid the interface between the glue and curler. The heat from the curler can weaken the glue and cause it to melt.

Once your lashes have been curled, it is important to know that taking care of them is even more important to keep the curl in place and preserve your lashes. Too much heating of your lashes could alter their look, so it is best to pay attention to how you handle your lash extensions.

How To Avoid Losing Your Lash Curl

Lash extensions need to be handled with care if they would last long, and their curl retained. Lash extension’s durability all depends on your handling and care. So let’s look into the care tips to keep your lashes curled and looking good.

  • Lashes are made of synthetic fibers that on exposure to heat can stretch and lose their curl. Avoid exposure to face steaming and sauna baths. The heat from these treatments can distort the curl of your extensions.

  • Change your pillowcases from cotton to silk. While sleeping, it is easy to rub your face consistently against the pillow. To reduce friction on your lash extension, a silk pillowcase creates an easy glide. The easier the glide, the less friction, and the safer your lash extensions.

  • Avoid Sleeping on your face. Sleeping positions are almost impossible to control, but dipping your face into the pillow would press your lashes and alter their curls.
  • Excessive exposure to water should be avoided, to keep lashes curled and in place too.

Treatments To Avoid While On Lash Extensions

Every attempt to curl your lashes must never include a Lash Lift. Lash Lifts, also known as Lash Perms are treatments done on lashes to make them more lifted, and curled by lifting them with a special gel and styling lotion.

It is a treatment that gives great results, but never should you attempt to carry out a lash perm with extensions. Lash perms were never made to be used on lash extensions. And also, other harmful reactions may occur with the chemicals and the glue. Avoid doing a lash perm with your lash extensions on.

Lash extensions are never to be on during a lash enhancement procedure. Lash enhancement is a permanent eye makeup carried out by a special pigmentation device similar to a tattoo gun but not the same.

When coming for lash enhancement, you are to appear free of eye makeup to create a clean surface for the procedure. Lash extensions can carry makeup, sweat, and oil buid-up, and in turn, introduce germs and cause skin inflammation.

We can say conclusively, lash extensions can dramatically change your look with the snap of a Lash Artist’s fingers. Though, not technically a snap, lol. While you are busy rocking their gorgeousness they could be losing their curls, hence the need to care for them rightly. If you would still love to have that curl back, heated lash curlers are your best bet! 

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