How to Clean Out a Mascara Tube 

Your mascara tube has become one of your most treasured makeup tools, and that’s a no-brainer. Mascaras have become a stable cosmetic application, and it would seem that no makeup look is complete without the magical swoop of a mascara.

Achieving glamorous-looking eyes is as simple as using a perfect mascara to do what it was purchased for. But after your favorite mascara is exhausted, what can you do with an empty mascara tube? Your empty mascara tube is not a wasted tool as it can be used for other significant purposes. But before you use your empty mascara tube for anything, you must properly clean it.

How To Clean A Mascara Tube

How To Clean A Mascara Tube

There is no difficulty in cleaning out your mascara tube. You can safely remove all that gunk and use your mascara wand with simple steps and procedures.

To clean out your mascara tube you need these items:

  • Soap
  • Bowls
  • Paper towels
  • Rubbing alcohol
  • Eye makeup remover

When it comes to cleaning your mascara tube, there are three different ways to do so.

Cleaning With Soap and Warm Water

This is one of the simplest processes since it only requires items already present in the house. Items to use for cleaning a mascara tube include soap and warm water cleaning are just soap, warm water, and a piece of cloth.  Fill a Basin or Sink With Warm Water 


Heat your water first, and avoid it from boiling as too much heat can damage the mascara tube or wand.

Pour water into smaller bowls that can completely contain the mascara.

Add 3 drops of liquid soap into the warm water.

Completely submerge your mascara into the soapy warm water and allow it to fill the tube.

Use the mascara wand as a cleaning tool by swirling it around the tube to help loosen the dried mascara liquid.

Take out the wand and close the mouth of the mascara and shake vigorously to further loosen dried mascara in places where the wand can’t reach.

If you notice lots of mascara gunk coming out, repeat this process.

Rinse with Warm Water

After getting all the mascara out of the tube, you need to rinse the mascara. 


Dip the mascara tube back into a clean bowl of warm water.

Allow the clean water to fill the mascara.

Close the tube and shake again vigorously and drain out the water.

Repeat this process until you rinse all the soap bubbles left in the tube.

Place mascara on a clean paper towel to drain completely.

Your mascara is clean and ready for use.

Cleaning Mascara Tube Using Makeup Remover

Cleaning Mascara Tube Using Makeup Remover

Makeup removers have come to have multi-purpose functions. From Cleaning lash extensions to removing smudged mascara or make-up powders, makeup removers are very useful tools. They are also effective for cleaning mascara tubes; we will show you just how.


Get a water-based makeup remover. Water-based removers are better choices when cleaning out a mascara tube than oil-based makeup removers. They don’t leave any residue in your mascara tube.

Fill in your mascara with your preferred makeup remover.

Close your mascara tube and shake it vigorously while swirling the wand in tune to loosen the mascara.

Repeat the process until mascara residue comes out.

To properly sanitize the mascara tube

Leave the mascara tube and wand to soak in the make-up remover all night.

Cleaning Mascara Tube Using Alcohol 

If you cannot get a water-based makeup remover, or what is left is too little for proper cleaning of your mascara tube. Rubbing alcohol can be used in place of make-up remover.


Simply pour alcohol into your mascara tube and shake well with the wand.

Pour out the liquid and do this again till your mascara tube is clean.

Other Tips On Cleaning Out Your Mascara Wand

If your mascara tube has a rubber insert, remove it using a fork. Get rid of the rubber insert. Mascara can get stuck under the rubber insert and should also be properly cleaned.

In our other articles on how to apply mascara, we have pointed out that mascara pumping is a no-no for mascara applications. But this is rather the opposite when cleaning your mascara tube. Pumping your mascara wand in and out with warm water, makeup removal, or alcohol helps quickly loosen up dried mascara.

You may have a great mascara wand with bristles that curl your lash in a way you love. Not to worry, you don’t have to lose that precious wand; you can wash it and use It to apply your mascara. Read about 5 ways to Clean a mascara wand and see the other benefits of your cleaned mascara tube.

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