Cluster Eyelash Extension: Ultimate Guide

It is easy to be enticed to think about cluster lashes when searching for a lush pair of lashes.  Many confuse cluster eyelash extensions with individual lashes or even volume lash extensions. Especially when you want some quick eyelash extension fix for a particular event, then Cluster Eyelash extension comes to mind. This earned Cluster eyelash extension to be called “party eyelash”.

Let’s look at what a cluster eyelash extension is. How can I easily differentiate a cluster eyelash from a volume eyelash extension and premade lash extensions? Is using cluster eyelash extensions safe for my lashes? 

Stay glued to this article as you know all you need to know about cluster eyelash extensions.

What Is A Cluster Eyelash Extension?

Cluster Eyelash Extension
Cluster Eyelash Extensions

The term “cluster eyelash extensions” refers to a grouping of individual lashes that have been bonded together at one end and finished with a thick base. Cluster eyelash extensions resemble tiny, chopped pieces of strip lashes. One remarkable identity of a cluster eyelash is the thick base that unites all the lash extensions.  

Cluster eyelashes are never made for semi-permanent applications. They should only last about a day. Several cluster lashes can be used instead of strip lashes for a special event, but they should never be worn overnight or for more than one day. Numerous issues can arise while using cluster lash extensions for a semi-permanent treatment.

Difference Between Cluster Lashes and Other Lash Types

Cluster eyelashes are quite very different from Eyelash extensions, and it is essential to be able to tell the difference between both lash types. 

What is An Eyelash Extension?

Eyelash extensions are semi-permanent cosmetic applications that can be individually attached to lash hair or be fanned together to give an extra volume effect. With volume eyelash extensions, you don’t notice a knotted bulb at the base of the lashes. Eyelash extensions are usually fixed to isolated natural lashes.


There is a visible glued knot at the base of cluster eyelashes.

The lashes are not for semi-permanent applications.

They don’t give a very natural eyelash look.

They have more weight than regular eyelash extensions.

Are Cluster Eyelash Extensions Safe?

The safety of using cluster eyelash extensions is one major concern of this cosmetic application. And for many Lash Professionals, it’s a no-no. And these are reasons why Cluster eyelashes are considered not safe.

Broad Base Band

Cluster lashes typically cover more than one natural lash at once due to the broad base. So instead of the usual method of applying one individual extension to one natural lash, you have a big base of extension sitting on many lashes.

This would also mean that the lashes would be glued together. As the natural lashes grow over time, they begin to shed and fall in clusters. Using cluster lashes over time is bad news for your lashes.

Lash Weight

Cluster lashes use glue to knot lash strands together, adding more weight to the lash. The weight of cluster lash extensions is why Cluster lashes are too hefty to support without harming the natural lash. The customer experiences pain and has their lashes damaged when cluster lashes are used for a semi-permanent application. 

Because of their broad baseband and weight, cluster lashes can lead to severe lash loss.

Cluster Eyelash Extension Vs Eyelash Extension

Cluster Eyelash Extension Vs Eyelash Extension

Cluster eyelashes and individual lashes may look similar, but they are not the same. And their mode of application isn’t the same also. Let’s look at the difference between these lash extensions and why eyelash extensions are better than cluster eyelashes.

We’ll go over both types of lashes in detail to clarify why eyelash extension is preferred. When comparing the two, it is simple to understand why individual or volume lashes are superior to cluster lashes.

One disadvantage of cluster eyelash extensions is that they weigh heavily on your eyes as they are applied on top of each other along your lash line. Individual lashes are well placed on each natural lash, and no lash extension overlaps each other.

Like strip lashes, cluster lashes are glued so close to the lash line that they occasionally touch the eyelid and may cause discomfort and irritation, unlike Individual lashes that have no contact with the skin directly but with the lash hair. There are fewer chances of skin irritation with Individual lashes than with Cluster lash extensions.

Cluster eyelashes end up glueing many lashes together, leading to a greater loss of lash when each lash starts to shed. Since Individual lashes are fixed directly on an isolated eyelash, the lash extension grows out with the lash and falls off as it falls out. 

When your lashes are clustered together with glue, this can lead to blocked hair follicles and lashes that would never shed. This is bad news for your eyes as it can become a breeding ground for germs. You could end up with Blepharitis or other illness due to tugging your lashes with the broad-knotted base.

A more natural look is achieved using Individual or Volume Lashes. It is easier to customize individual lashes to suit individual features and preferences, unlike Cluster lashes, which have very few adjustments.

When applying for individual eyelash extensions, lash technicians will plan exactly where they want each eyelash extension to go to give their clients a flawless, symmetrical look. To avoid damaging eyelashes, each individual set of lashes is selected at the ideal weight for attachment to lashes.

No one is left out, as clients with sparse and thin lashes can still greatly benefit from individual lashes as it offers a variety of thicknesses and lengths to suit everyone. With great accuracy and precision, each lash is well isolated and fitted in with a customized mapping style to suit different eye shapes, lash lengths, and thicknesses. 

Cluster eyelash extensions do not need a refill, unlike individual eyelashes, where lashes begin to shed noticeably from the second week after application.

When applying for individual eyelash extensions, lash technicians will plan exactly where they want each eyelash extension to go to give their clients a flawless, symmetrical look. To avoid damaging eyelashes, each individual set of lashes is created at the ideal weight for application.

Even clients with the shortest, finest lashes can be safely lashed because of their variety in thickness! It is time to go back to your lash technician for an infill after a few weeks because of how they are put; they can shed along with the natural lashes.

Cluster Lashes: Use Or Avoid?

Professional Lash Artists do not subscribe to using cluster lashes as the many risks involved far outweigh the advantages.

Instead of Cluster lashes, you can substitute them for Premade fans.  On the other hand, Premade fans are a different matter; they are frequently used in the lash sector and are adequate and secure for natural lashes.

As a Lash artist, it is better to put safety and quality first. Choose to purchase high-quality premade fans if you want to save time. Choosing high-quality material saves time, preserving your high standards and impeccable reputation! This builds your client’s trust in your work, knowing you’d not put their health at risk.

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