How to Make Your Mascara Last Longer: 3 Ways That Work

Makeup products can be expensive, and purchasing products from top brands can be more expensive. Also, spending hundreds of dollars buying different makeup tools can have an impact on your wallet. You may need to know how to properly handle your makeup tools better to keep them for longer. Bad handling of your precious makeup tools can mean loss of money.

A makeup tool like the mascara comes in handy, and it’s used almost after every eye makeup to give a finishing glam to your look. Just imagine when you are about to put the finishing touch to your look, and there is nothing left in your mascara tube, or what’s left is hard and dry.

Handling your mascara well could further prolong its durability and quality. You don’t want to lose the va-va-voom touch because of an empty mascara tube, so read more to know how you can make the most of your mascara.

How To Make Your Mascara Last Longer?

How To Make Your Mascara Last Longer?

A swipe from your favorite mascara, curls, lengthens and volumizes your eyelashes. The wow-effect you get makes you blush, and your eyes pop. Tell me, who wants a good product to finish? I tell you, No one!
If your mascara should last longer, you must ensure you follow these simple tips.

Prevent Your Mascara From Drying Out

Mascaras are liquid formulas that dry pretty fast when exposed to air. It is common to pull your mascara wand out of its tube and leave it open. Leaving the tube open would dry out your mascara quickly, and make it unusable. Many great mascaras have been ruined like this.

Once you pull out the mascara wand, you should quickly use it and place it back into the tube. But not everyone is a pro in mascara application. So if you need more time to apply your mascara, don’t leave your mascara tube open. Place a clean finger at the mouth of the tube or use a cotton pad to cover the tube.

Always Pull-out Your Mascara Wand Gently

This may seem insignificant, but this can preserve your favorite mascara from drying out. You must have made this mistake at one time or the other, and you never knew why your mascara dried so quickly. Pumping your mascara wand back and forth in the tube to get more mascara on your wand, will push air into the tube, drying it faster.

Solution: Pull your mascara wand gently in a twist-like motion. This should get out just enough mascara to apply to your lashes. Another solution is to scrape out the mascara from the tube.

Avoid Pesky Germs Getting Into Your Mascara

Using your mascara wand, and tossing it onto any surface filled with other makeup tools, creams, or powders, and placing it back into the tube isn’t safe for application.

Placing a mascara wand that’s picked up other products back into the tube can spell trouble for your eyes. And using such can cause irritations. This can lead to your mascara clumping during application. Read How to apply mascara without clumping.

Solution: If your mascara wand gets messed up in other makeup products, wash your mascara wand properly before placing it back into the tube. I have written an article that can guide you on how to clean a mascara wand.

How Can I Revive My Dried Mascara?

Tossing away dried mascara is tantamount to tossing away your cash. Dried mascara can be revived and be as good as new. To revive your dried mascara follow these simple methods:

Method 1

Revive Dried Mascara

Put few drops of Saline solution into your mascara tube, quickly cover with the wand and shake vigorously to allow the liquid to spread. Make sure to twirl the mascara wand around the walls of the tube to dissolve dried mascara there too.

Method 2

Revive Mascara

Put 5 to 10 drops of Eye Drop into the mascara tube and shake also. Twirl the wand in the tube to get a good mix. This should get your mascara back as new.

Method 3

Boil a cup of water, and place your tightly closed mascara bottle into the water. Leave for 5 minutes. The heat from the water will melt the dried mascara inside the tube.

NOTE: Do not use water in your mascara as this would make it runny and messy.

These are simple and easy ways to revive your dried mascara. No need to toss away your favorite mascara so soon. The first two steps are way quicker and less time-consuming than the last step. Whichever one works for you is fine.

Of What Use Is A Finished Mascara?

In a world where disposing of waste is a concern to the environment at large, we need to become more deliberate about reusing products. Just imagine tons of waste from makeup tools, bottles, and creams, the importance of reusing some of these containers will do more good for the environment and our pockets.

Even with the best tips to make your mascara last longer, the time to dispose and part away with your favorite mascara beckons. If you are wondering if there is any use for a finished mascara- the good news is, that there is!

You can make use of your mascara by preserving the wand. A wand is a useful tool that will come in handy for other purposes such as:

A Lash Brush
A mascara wand can be washed, and used as a Lash Brush. Use it to comb out your lashes.

A Brow Brush
A mascara wand is used to brush and arrange your brows to give a definite shape.

A Jewellery Cleaning Brush
A mascara wand is great for cleaning small-sized jewelry as the bristles can easily wash those tiny chains and make them sparkle as new.

A Lash Treatment Applicator
It is great for applying oils and lash growth serums to your lashes.

A Lip Exfoliator
Use your mascara wand with sugar and honey to gently exfoliate your lips to reveal new skin. Beautiful lips are just a wand away!

At the end of the day, it’s a win-win for you with your mascara. You get to enjoy gorgeous-looking lashes for longer, using your favorite mascara. And also have a mascara wand that serves you other purposes. After about 6 months you will need to make another mascara purchase, but you’d do so with the confidence that you would enjoy your full money’s worth!

One More Thing…

Ophthalmologists recommend that you replace your mascara every three months. There’s a good reason for this! Every time you use your mascara, you also get a bunch of bacteria on your brush. The longer you use it the more bacteria piles on. It’s not worth the risk to your eyes to save a few bucks.

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