Lash Lift vs Lash Extensions: Learn the Differences

Lash this, lash that – there are so many different things that you can use to improve the look of your lashes. And let’s be honest, keeping up with them all can be confusing. So let’s talk about two of the most common ones in today’s world –  lash lifts and lash extensions. What are they? What’s the difference? And which one is superior? Let’s face them off:

Lash Lift vs Lash Extensions – How do They Compare?

To understand how lash extensions and lifts compare, you have to understand the basic concepts and how they work. This will help you make a more informed decision. Let’s get right to it!

What is A Lash Lift? 

Well, you can think of it as a facelift for your lashes. A lash lift gives your lashes a little extra boost, pepping them up and giving them a thicker, fuller appearance. You can also think of it as a perm for your lashes. 

How Does a Lash Lift Work?

First is the consultation. Like any other procedure, there’s always a consultation to ensure that you know exactly what you’re getting into and decide what type of look you want. Once your lash therapist knows what you want, they can then use this information to pick a curling rod size that will shape your lashes.

Once the procedure starts, you will be asked to lay down with your eyes closed. Your eyes will be cleansed, and pads will be placed over them to keep them protected. Your lashes will be curled over a rod, and a lifting solution will be applied to help mold and set them. 

There are two main types of lash lifts – LVL (Length-volume-lift) and Keratin lift. The main difference between them is the type of solution used on your lashes. LVLs use a lifting balm and volumizer to shape your lashes.

Keratin lifts also called Yumi lifts, use a more natural solution (Keratin) to help shape and set your lashes. This is a naturally derived ingredient that occurs in the hair and nails. 

Many people like to add a tint to their lash lifts to give them that little extra boost!

What Are Lash Extensions?

Lash extensions are also designed to give your lashes an extra boost. Extensions are a set of fibers attached to your natural lashes, applied to each lash at a time, giving them a fuller, more extended appearance. 

Lash extensions come in all shapes, sizes, and fiber types. Synthetic, silk, and mink lashes are all options for fiber, and each comes with its benefits. Mink lashes are considered the only lash type; they are lighter on your lashes and look more natural. 

The length of lashes you want will be directly related to what type of look you’re going for. Shorter lashes generally appear more natural, while longer lashes appear more dramatic. Of course, you can also vary your appearance by application type. Russian Volume Lashes, American Volume lashes, and Mega Volume lashes can all give very different effects depending on what look you wish to achieve. 

Lash Lift Vs. Lash Extensions – The Look

Both a lash lift and lash extensions eliminate the need for lash makeup like mascara. The main difference between the two is that lash lifts enhance the look of your natural lashes, while extensions are attached to them.

Both extensions and lash lifts will draw attention to your eyes, making them appear more extensive and open. Effects can vary depending on what size lift/extensions you choose and which styles you select.

Lash Lift Vs. Lash Extensions – Procedure Time

A lash lift takes about 45 minutes to complete and because lash extensions are such a precise procedure, they take quite a bit longer. In completing lash extensions, each extension is applied to each lash, making the process more complicated – and more intricate.

Generally speaking, you should expect a complete set of extensions to take anywhere from 2-4 hours, depending on what type of lashes you choose. The more dramatic and intricate the look, the longer the procedure will take. On the other hand, Lash extension fills can take less than an hour. 

Lash Lift Vs. Lash Extensions – Longevity and Maintenance

The longevity of both lash lifts and lash extensions depends on how well you take care of them and your natural lash cycle. However, you should expect a lash lift to lashes longer than your lash extensions (without maintenance). With regular maintenance, on the other hand, your lash extensions can last longer.  

Lash lifts typically last somewhere between 6-12 weeks, while lash extensions usually only last between 3-4 weeks before you start to see gaps. With that being said, with regular maintenance and routine fills, your lash extensions can last indefinitely. 

Both lash lifts and lash extensions require 24-48 hours following the procedure. You should not get your lifts or extensions wet, and you should not rub or sleep on your eyes. After your setting period, you can continue to wear mascara as usual with a lash lift.

Mascara, however, is not recommended for extensions as it can cause damage. Plus, extensions generally enhance your lashes so much that you won’t need mascara. 

In conclusion, if you want something with little upkeep, lash lifts are the superior option. But if you don’t mind the upkeep, extensions can last you for as long as you want and expel the need for lash makeup. 

Lash Lift Vs. Lash Extensions – Cost

There’s no doubt that lifts are the more cost-effective lash treatment. While costs can vary significantly from location to location and technician, lifts are almost always cheaper than extensions.

Plus, you only need to have your lifts redone every 6-12 weeks, while you need to have your extensions filled every 2-3 weeks. With this fact alone, you can see why lash extensions would be much more expensive over time. 

Lash Lift Vs. Lash Extensions – Customization

This time the extensions win. Lash extensions are much more customizable than lash lifts. This is because lash lifts work with your natural lashes, so you are limited in how much you can do. On the other hand, extensions work with fibers that are added to your lashes – so there are lots that you can do with them.

With extensions, you can choose your fiber of choice (synthetic, mink, silk), length, and application method (Classic, Russian, American, Mega Volume). You can also choose the thickness of your lashes and the level of curl. You are limited to what you can do with your natural lashes with a lift. 

Lash Lift Vs. Lash Extensions – Your Natural Lashes

Choosing between a lash lift and lash extensions can also depend on the state of your natural lashes. Because lash lifts work purely with what you have, they don’t benefit everyone. If your lashes are very short or thin, a lash lift might not give you the results you’re hoping for.

Remember, your technician can only work with what you’re giving them. So if your lashes are short or thinning, your lift probably won’t make that much difference. Lash lifts work best for people already blessed with lovely lashes and need a little boost.

Lash extensions are for anyone. If you’re one of the people who aren’t so blessed in the natural lash department, you might consider these instead. Extensions can lengthen your lashes and boost the volume, taking short, dull lashes to full Hollywood star lashes! 

Lash Lift Vs. Lash Extensions – Which is the superior option?

Sorry guys – we know you’re hoping for a definitive answer here, but there isn’t one. It comes down to your personal preferences and how much effort you want to put into your lashes.

If you have short or thinning lashes, we would probably recommend extensions over lifts. But if you have some natural lashes to work with and are looking for something that requires less maintenance – a simple lift can work like magic. 

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