4 Best Mascara Colors for Brown Eyes

There is no doubt that mascara has come a long way, and it does have a significant number of beauty benefits. One of them is to elongate and thicken the lashes and instantly add length and a darker color to them.

Not only does mascara help to emphasize and give a unique look, but it can also help play up and complement your eye color. When it comes to choosing the best mascara colored for your eye color, there is a lot to take into consideration by simply wearing whatever you choose.

History Of Colored Mascara

Colored mascara first came into the beauty world in 1960 with Revlon’s Brush On Mascara which came in shades like mauve and dark green. Colored mascara can work with your natural eye color if you choose a shade that complements your skin tone.

They are a by-product of basic color theory, which can cancel out its opposite shade on the color wheel. Usually, mascara separates the lashes while adding volume and depth to fatten the lash diameter.

However, to get the most out of your mascara, you need to prepare your lashes ahead. Three basic categories of color theory affect your decisions regarding colors, including color wheel, color harmony, and color context.

Color Wheel

A color wheel is a rainbow wheel that arranges colors in a natural order. The wheel consists of primary colors, secondary colors, and tertiary colors.

Color Harmony

Color harmony is how the colors are arranged pleasingly for the eye. There are different types of color harmony, such as monochromatic, analogous, complementary, and triadic colors.

Monochromatic are shades of the same color; analogous colors are shades next to each other on the color wheel. On the other hand, complementary colors are shades directly across each other on the color wheel, while triadic colors are colors on the wheel that create a triangle.

Color Context

Finally, color context is how colors react when used with other colors.

All these categories are taken into consideration by many industries when making consideration to customers.

Best Colors of Mascara For Brown Eyes

Best Colors of Mascara For Brown Eyes

Colored mascara accentuates the color of your eyes while providing a swoosh of drama, and it is an excellent choice for those who love experimentation, and great eye makeup looks. If you are ready to ditch the regular black mascara and opt for a more dose of color, it can enhance and highlight your color and provide a theatrical edge to your makeup palette.

The best mascara colors to make your brown eyes pop are:

  • Purple
  • Violet
  • Burgundy
  • Blue

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The Purple-hued Mascara For Brown Eyes

Purple-hued Mascara is a dramatic cosmetic staple that will make your brow’s eyes pop. The deep shade of purple mascara will give a subtle contrast of light and dark and add definition to your lashes. A hint of purple mascara can complement your eye shape, and if you want to draw more attention to your eyes, you might want to consider Eyeko Lash Alert Mascara in Purple.

The mascara has a formula that includes lash-conditioning ingredients like castor oil, biotin, green tea leaf extract, and licorice root extract that cares for your lashes. It also has an applicator brush that uses a curved wand to give your lashes the desired curl.

The Violet-hued Mascara For Brown Eyes

Another color of mascara for brown eyes is violet-hued mascara. To keep a violet mascara conventional, pair it with warm eye shadow color and a chocolate brown eyeliner.

You might want to consider L’Oreal Paris Volume Building Mascara in Deep Violet. This mascara is formulated with Panthenol and Ceramide-R, which helps protect and condition the lashes.

Burgundy Colored Mascara For Brown Eyes

Another popular mascara color to use for your brown eyes is Burgundy. Not only has burgundy color gained popularity in recent years, but it is also an excellent color for brown eyes, and makeup artists and makeup lovers worldwide have used it.

L’Oreal’s Paris Makeup Voluminous Original Volume Building Mascara, Deep Burgundy, is the best mascara to achieve this look. Apart from making your brown eyes pop, this mascara creates up to 5x fuller and thicker lashes.

Blue-hued Mascara For Brown Eyes

Blue mascara is an easy way to incorporate more colors into your eye makeup look. The blue pigments will add some drama to your brown eyes and complement them beautifully. Pupa Milano Vamp Mascara in Electric Blue is the go-to mascara to achieve this look.

How To Apply Colored Mascara

One recommended way to choose a colored mascara is to apply the color wheel rule, which states, “Colors opposite of one another on the color wheel when placed side-by-side compliments each other.” Nonetheless, when wearing colored mascara, one major thing is to keep the look light and free so that it looks like it was done with zero effort but still comes out great.

Colored mascaras can be flattening, but you must choose the right colors that suit you. Nonetheless, if you’ve never applied colored mascara, it might be a bit intimidating at first, and if you are unsure of how to start, here are a few pointers to keep in mind.

1. Pick A Color That Is Right For You

The first step in applying a colored mascara is to choose the best color that complements your eye color. For example, blue mascara goes well with black or brown eyes, while brown mascara goes well with blue eyes. If you are still unsure of the best-colored mascara that will complement your eye color, feel free to use the color wheel.

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2. Let Your Eyes Do The Talking

Applying a colored mascara is a statement on its own so that the focus will be on your eyes. Do well to keep the rest of your face bare to prevent your look from appearing too messy and let the color pigments shine through. Don’t forget the corners of your eyes, and focusing on this area gives you an intense look.

3. Wear The Same Shade of Eyeliner And Mascara

Wear an eyeliner that matches your colored mascara shade to make your eye color pop.

4. Apply The Coloured Mascara On Both Your Top And Bottom Lashes

Applying the mascara on your top and bottom lashes enhances its effect and color while making it attractive. For a dramatic effect, apply the same shade of eyeshadow.

5. Make The Coloured Mascara Pop With A Primer Or Pigmented Powder

Most times, your colored mascara might not pop as you want it to. As a result, coat your lashes with a white lash primer to let the color pop even more. You can also mix the powder pigments of the color in the formula and paint a few coats on your lashes with a brush.

6. Use An Eyeliner On The Lower Lashes To Create A Wide-eyed effect.

Consider these tips for applying eyeliner on the lower lashes:

  1. Keeps your lines thin by using the side of the tip of your liner pencil rather than pressing down.
  2. Line the outer quarters of the eye, avoiding the inner corner.
  3. Apply eyeliner to your waterline. Pull the skin under your eye down to fully expose the area to line your lower waterline.
  4. Then use a pencil eyeliner or whichever eyeliner you prefer to trace your waterline carefully. While doing this, make sure the eyeliner touches your eyelashes.

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