5 Best Mascara Colors for Green Eyes

How we do beauty keeps evolving from time to time, and it’s safe to say there is no such thing as stereotypes. When you think you are stuck on this beauty trend. Bam! Another one hits you hard, making you fall in love. 

This is the love story of colored mascara!

We all thought black mascara was the best thing that happened to our eyelashes. And here we are, gushing over colored mascara as we see our favorite Celebs rock colors we thought were forbidden.

No fast and hard rules when it comes to the mascara application. As we have seen, many break the rules of the game, and come out with flawless looks capable of jailing black mascara.

Colored Mascara For Green Eyes

Written with much love, I want to show you how you can enhance your beautiful, gorgeous green eyes by applying colored mascara.

Also, there is more, as you find out different ways to nail your colored mascara look and hit glam notes to ratio 100!

It’s Mascara Game-On!

Colored mascaras are used to compliment eye color or make-up. And this is if you or your makeup artist know what they are doing. 

The trick in applying colored mascara is to tone down your makeup. You want to attract major traffic to your eyes. So, allowing your eyes to ‘do the talking’ with colored mascara is best. This is not to say you’d skip your general makeup altogether, but that you work with cool tones and allow your mascara to draw attention to your eyes as the most prominent feature on your face. 

Colored mascara will offer you a unique look that’s irresistible! 

The key is to keep the look light and free so that it appears to have been done effortlessly but still looks nice.

Matching Green Eye Color and Colored Mascara

When applying colored mascara, one thing to put in my mind is the color of your eyes. Colored mascara accentuates the colors of your eyes, and choosing the right color for your eyes is crucial to glamming up your look. 

Green-Eyed Girls, here’s your Colored Mascara Scoop!

The Best Colors Of Mascara For Green Eyes

Colors Mascara Green Eyes

Our focus is to explore the best mascara colors that dazzle green eyes. The best mascara colors to make green eyes pop and shine are:

  • Burgundy
  • Violet
  • Brown
  • Green
  • Purple

Purple Colored Yes, Your Purple Royalty will dazzle your Green Eyes making many people green with envy!

Are you wondering how that’s possible?

Here is where the “opposites attract” color-wheel theory shines. A purple-hued mascara is one of the best options for the greatest pop of color against green eyes. Not familiar with the color wheel and how opposites complement each other to give you the most glamorous look ever? The Colour Wheel Theory applies to everything with color. From matching clothes, shoes, and bags to even eyelashes and eye color.

Purple is the opposite of green on the color wheel but has the great effect of framing the eyes and giving them a spotlight-like appearance. The purple mascara will draw all attention to your green eyes! You may not be 2pac, but you’d surely have all eyes on you!

The Maybelline New York Popping Purple Color

The Violet-hued Mascara For Green Eyes

Another purple shade is the Violet-hued Mascara. If you cannot lay your hands on a purple shade, reaching out for that violet-colored mascara is just as good. A Violet colored mascara sets a beautiful canvas for your green eyes to shine.

Maybelline New York Snapscara Washable Mascara, Ultra Violet

Burgundy Colored Mascara for Gorgeous Green Eyes

Another trendy color to use on your green eyes is the color shade- Burgundy. Yes! Internet users swear by this mascara shade for green eyes. 

The mascara to achieve this gorgeous lash look is

L’Oreal Paris Makeup Voluminous Original Volume Building Mascara, Deep Burgundy

The hue of this mascara is burgundy; it resembles a dark purple. It’s time to ditch black mascara and start applying this burgundy-hued mascara if you have green eyes.

Brown-Hued Mascara for Beautiful Green Eyes

Your green eyes would have a soft appeal with brown-colored mascara. Brown adds some drama to your green eyes and complements them beautifully.

The Revlon Mega Multiplier Mascara in Brown

Green Mascara for Gorgeous Green Eyes

There is no better way than allow your eyes do all the talking by using a Green colored mascara to accentuate your green eyes, making them the talk of the day.

How To Apply Coloured Mascara

By enhancing your eyes and making them look brighter and more alert after application, colored mascara not only gives any cosmetic look a welcome change. Additionally, these beauty tools require little effort to create the most glamorous impact! 

Do you want to step up your cosmetic routine but aren’t sure where to begin? Follow our applicable guide:

Choose The Best Colour Hue for Your Eye Colour

The first step in nailing your hued mascara is to make sure you choose the best-colored mascara that complements your eye colors. 

 For example, Hazel’s eyes appear stunning with green hues, while blue eyes should choose violet colors, and brown eyes pop and shine with blue mascara. No Eye Color is left out! 

 Layer Your Mascara To Create More Depth

If you are new to this trend, we advise you to begin subtly by layering your colored mascara on your black mascara. 

The black mascara creates depth, and coating your colored mascara on the black mascara will give a deeper, more subtle look.

Match your Colored Mascara with Your Eyeliner

You can turn the volume of your colored mascara a notch higher by using the same color of eyeliner.

This blend of color will heighten your colored mascara look. You definitely can’t go around unnoticed with this look.

Match Your Colored Mascara with A Contrasting Eyeliner or Shadow.

Another way to up your makeup game is by using a contrasting eye makeup background against your colored mascara. 

Harness the Colour Wheel to create bold and dramatic effects.

 Use An Eyelash Primer For Better Pigmentation

If you desire to achieve a well-pigmented colored lash with your mascara, then we suggest you use an eyelash primer to first coat your lashes. 

After the eyelash primer, go ahead and use your colored mascara. You will notice your mascara color will look bolder and sharper.

Use a Dash of Colored Powder

Using an eyelash primer isn’t the only way to achieve better pigmentation with your colored mascara. If eyelash primer isn’t available, you can use a colored powder on your lashes with a brush.

 Tone Down Your Makeup

To rock your colored mascara look, it is crucial to tone down the rest of your makeup. Let your eyes make a complete statement by blending your makeup with neutral, cool tones. With this, your eyes get all the attention they deserve.

Apply Colored Mascara To the Upper and Bottom Lashes

To achieve a complete mascara look:

  1. Stick with the method of applying your regular mascara.
  2. Apply mascara to both your upper and lower lashes for an even look.
  3. See how to apply mascara here without clumping

Use Eyeliner on the lower lashes to create a wide-eyed effect

You can make your eyes appear bigger by using a white or bright eyeliner along your water line. The effect created is a wide-eyed awake look with gorgeous eyes.

Rainbow-hued lashes have undoubtedly been making a mark in the cosmetic industry, with bold reds and other colorful pastels on display. 

Colored mascaras have come to break the norm and take us to Lash Glory!

Every eye color has a complementary mascara hue. Beauty Brands are stocked with different mascara hues to complement different eye colors. I suggest you take a walk down the colored mascara lane, as there’s a perfect color for your eyes.

With Colored Mascara, you can beautifully frame the window of your soul! Try these colored mascaras to make your green eyes shine bright like an emerald!

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