5 Best Mascara Colors For Blue Eyes

Women can’t seem to do without mascaras; why is that? Mascara makes the eyes look bigger and brighter and enhances them by darkening, lengthening, and drawing more attention to them. However, not all mascaras complement specific eye colors; read on to find the best mascara colors for blue eyes.

Blue Eye Color

The color of our eyes depends on how much of a pigment called melanin lives in the eye’s iris. In contrast, brown eyes have the highest amount of melanin in the iris, while blue eyes have the least.

However, because blue eyes contain less melanin than most other eye colors, they are liable to more risk of certain damage. People with blue eye color are more sensitive to light and may have a higher risk of retinal damage from UV rays, so eye doctors recommend that people with blue eyes should be cautious about their exposure to sunlight.

How Do You Know What Color Mascara to Use?

Firstly, the color of mascara you should use depends on the look you are trying to achieve. To know the right color of mascara to use, you have to consider your eye color, skin tone, and the kind of look you are going for, either a natural or glammed look.

Generally, black and blue mascaras are the most preferred choice of color if you are going for a more natural look, but either way, black and brown aren’t the only colors available. There are others colors like violet, blue, burgundy, pink, orange, and many others.

Best Colors of Mascaras For Blue Eyes

Colors Of Mascaras For Blue Eyes

The best color of mascaras for blue eyes is a rich, deep color, including:

  • Burgundy
  • Violet
  • Orange
  • Pink
  • Purple

If you have Blue Eyes And A Medium-dark Complexion

Try burgundy, purple, violet, or pink mascara. These colors will not only emphasize the whites of your eyes but also make them appear more prominent, and the deep shade will give a subtle contrast of light and dark as well as add definition to your eyes.

You can try orange mascara if you want to add an extra bit of highlight to your eyes. Orange is blue’s complementary color, so it will make your blue eyes stand out and pop.

If you have Blue Eyes And A Fairer Skin Complexion

Go for a darker color, like burgundy and purple. Any other color apart from these two will make your eyes look weird. With purple, expect nothing more than a dazzling look, so if you have a warmer undertone, select a shade of purple with warmer red undernotes.

Best Burgundy Mascara For Blue Eyes

Women with blue eyes will benefit a lot from using burgundy mascara. The mascara has a reddish undertone that can make your icy eyes pop, making them look brighter while bringing out any hints of green. You can also decide the kind of “Burgundy” you want, whether red wine, maroon or plum. A good mascara to use is the L’oreal Paris Voluminous Original Washable Bold Eye Mascara In Deep Burgundy.

This burgundy mascara resists clumping and flaking while leaving your lashes supple and soft to the touch; it is uniquely formulated to thicken the lashes evenly and smoothly. Ultimately, the mascara is uniquely formulated to resist clumping, keep the lashes soft and build them up five times their natural thickness.

Best Purple Mascara For Blue Eyes

The purple color can hint at fun, elegance, or full-blown glamour. It is a gorgeous color that tends to elevate your blue eyes and make them stand out.

An excellent purple mascara to use is the NYX Professional Makeup Color Mascara. This deep purple mascara from NYX is a must-have if you want to add a twist to your eye makeup.

It is also packed with full pigments that add volume, length, and color to the lashes. It can also be used at the tips of the lashes for an ombre effect. An added advantage is that the formula helps to make your lashes longer and more voluminous while adding extra glam to your look.

Best Violet Mascara For Blue Eyes

The Violet color mimics nature and contrasts with blue eyes for a natural brightening effect. The L’oreal Paris Makeup Voluminous Original Volume Building Mascara In Deep Violet is a good violet mascara.

This violet mascara is highly designed with an exclusive maximizing formula that thickens and lengthens the lashes in a single application for a full and dramatic look. It is also easy to remove with soap and water and is suitable for sensitive eyes.

Best Pink Mascara For Blue Eyes

The NYX Professional Makeup Color Mascara Pink Petals is the best pink mascara for blue eyes. This highly pigmented color mascara adds volume, length, and color to your lashes. The mascara offers irresistible long lashes and features a great color that makes a statement on any look or outfit.

For the desired look, apply directly to the lashes starting at the base, then wiggle upwards to deposit the maximum amount of color. It can also be used at the tips of the lashes for an ombre effect only if desired.

How To Make Blue Eyes Pop With Mascara

Now that we know the best mascara colors for blue eyes let’s look at how to make the eyes pop with mascara.

1. Curl Your Lashes

You should always curl your lashes with a heated curler before applying mascara. Curling the lashes will make the eyes appear more extensive and more open.

To do this, line up the upper lashes with your eyelash curler, then hold it closed for 10-15 seconds. Do not apply mascara before you curl; otherwise, the mascara can stick to the curler ad pull out the lashes.

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2. Apply Mascara

Apply your mascara as usual and ensure you add a little extra on the outer tips and in the inner corners to add length and volume. Wiggle the wand back and forth as you work your way up to capture each lash. Ensure you use the wand vertically when you reach the outer and inner corners, then brush the lashes outwards to get a fan-like definition.

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3. Stamp

Press the mascara brush against the roots of your eyelashes from the underside. Although many people feel reluctant to try this step out, it will help your lashes appear thicker without looking sparse and overly made up.

Does Blue Mascara Make Blue Eyes Pop?

Although wearing blue mascara can be scary at first, it can brighten the whites of your eyes, making you look more alert and awake. It can also increase the intensity of blue eyes to boost your look more daring.

Should Blue Eyes Wear Brown Or Black Mascara?

Brown mascara is also an excellent option for blue eyes and can work as a more natural option for fair-skinned people. This mascara offers a softer shade that highlights the irises’ color and prevents the dark look that black mascara gives.

On the other hand, black mascara might not be ideal for blue eyes because it can seem a little harsh for everyday wear. However, if you prefer to still go with black mascara, you might opt for a thinner and lengthening formula rather than a volumizing mascara.

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