How to Fix Dry Mascara: 5 Hacks

The problem of dried-up Mascara is what most of us face, and most times, we can’t seem to find the solution. It’s annoying when we try to reach out for our favorite Mascara and find out they are all dried up and a big mess. Well, if you are contemplating throwing out your mascara tube, these hacks might be the solution to fix your dry Mascara.

Why Does Mascara Dry Out?

Fix Dry Mascara
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All Mascara has an expiration date, usually three months from the opening, but sometimes they can dry out before their time is up. The main reason Mascara tends to dry out is that there are no preservatives in the product.

Other reasons could be a result of improper storage, placing it in a humid or hot environment, perhaps you keep opening and closing it while applying makeup, or simply because you didn’t close it properly. In most cases, you might have purchased an already used mascara that had been in the store for two long, or maybe you bought it a long time ago, and it eventually got terrible.

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5 Ways to Fix Dry Mascara

Generally, one of the common ways to fix dry Mascara is mixing five droplets of eye drop solution into the Mascara, which goes back to its usual self. Ensure to use a fresh eye drop bottle or one that hasn’t been in contact with your eyes to prevent Mascara from entering inside the tube.

There are other ways to fix dry Mascara that you probably don’t know about. One more thing to note is before you try to revive your dry Mascara, it’s recommended to carry out a patch test of the Mascara on your hand to see if your skin becomes irritated. If it doesn’t, you can go ahead and revive the Mascara.

1. Contact Lens Solution

If you have a tube of contact lenses, you can use it to fix your dry Mascara. Contact lens solution, also known as Saline, is essential for lenses as it prevents drying. As surprising as it might sound, it is a makeup artist’s go-to solution for all valid reasons. The method is quite similar to using an eye drop.


Remove the wand from your Mascara and squeeze 1 to 2 drops of the contact lens solution into the mascara tube. Squeeze a little at a time because adding too much can make your Mascara too watery.

Replace the wand and give it a little shake to mix the solution. Try the result on the back of your hand; if it’s still dry, you can add a drop or two.

2. Hot Water

The hot water trick is one of the simplest and the most effective hacks for fixing your dry Mascara. Hot water melts the formula and makes your mascara return to its usual self.


Pour hot water into a cup and dip in your mascara tube for a few minutes. Ensure the lid is tightly closed, so the water doesn’t get in. After about 5 minutes, the hot water will loosen the consistency.

3. Aloe Vera Gel Hack

Aloe Vera gel hack will not only fix your dry Mascara but also nourish your eyelashes. Another known benefit of aloe vera gel is that it can thin out your Mascara and give you a smoother application.

As we all know, aloe vera has numerous benefits. Make sure you are not an aloe vera plant because you never know if you use the correct plant.


Add a drop or two of aloe vera gel directly to the mascara tube and wiggle for two minutes. Ensure the aloe vera gel you are using does not contain chemicals that can irritate your eyes. After two minutes, check out the consistency of the product and if the Mascara still feels dry, add more drops, swirl and let it rest.

4. Baby Oil Or Vaseline

You can also use baby oil or Vaseline to fix your dry Mascara. However, if you have sensitive eyes, kindly avoid this product as it may cause eye irritation.


Heat the baby oil or Vaseline and add a few drops to the mascara tube. Close the wand tightly and shake the Mascara for a few minutes.

Check for the consistency of the product; if it’s still dry, you can add a few drops or more. Lastly, repeat this method whenever your Mascara dries up again.

5. Nourishing Oil Hack

The final hack is to add oil to the Mascara. This involves using sweet almond oil as it will not only fix dry Mascara but also moisturize the eyelashes and provide them with much-needed nourishment. Although most people use castor oil to fix the consistency of the Mascara, these oils are also safe for use and make the lashes appear fuller.


Heat a spoonful of the oil in the microwave for about 15-30 seconds, then pour a few drops directly into the mascara tube. You can shake the tube or twist your wand to mix the oil. The best part is that your lashes might get longer after using this solution for about two months.

Reasons For Dried-Up Mascara

Mascara has the shortest shelf-life of all your beauty products, so you should toss it out after three weeks of usage. That being said, let’s look at why your Mascara is drying up.

1. Over Pumping

Each time you pump your wand into the mascara tube, you push air into it, thus, drying the formula more. Pumping has no benefit and does not put more Mascara into the wand. Also, bacteria thrive in oxygen, so the Mascara gets contaminated each time you pump it.

How, then, do you use it? Push the wand against the sides of the tube, swirling the brush and taking the formula on the edges.

2. Not Shutting The Mascara Cap Tightly

If your mascara cap is not shut tightly, air and heat can penetrate the formula and makes it thick. So, ensure to seal the Mascara as best as you can firmly.

Tips To Prevent Your Mascara From Drying Out

To avoid dealing with dry Mascara, follow these few tips.

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1. Keep Your Mascara Closed At All Times

When applying Mascara, we often forget to close it when done and go ahead to apply eyeliner, eye shadow, and so on. To avoid your Mascara from drying up, ensure you leave it open only when applying it to your lashes, and once you are done, do not forget to close it.

2. Do not Expose Your Mascara To Sun Or Too Much Air

Store your Mascara in a cool and dry place to avoid it getting dry. However, if you don’t use your Mascara regularly, the best way to store it is to keep it in the fridge. Try not to store mascaras upside down.

Doing this can make the mascara pool up around the wand and make a mess when opened. You can also choose to put the Mascara together with your makeup brushes so it can stand up instead of lying flat.

3. Keep The Mascara Wand Clean

A mascara wand is essential in any makeup kit, but the worst news is they can get dirty pretty fast. However, cleaning the mascara wand helps eliminate excess clumps or bacteria buildup.

To clean your mascara wand, use a tissue to get rid of clumps before you apply Mascara. You can also disinfect your mascara wand with alcohol once a week.

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