How to Keep Your Mascara From Smudging – 8 Easy Tips

When it comes to makeup, there are some slip-ups that we all experience. Starting out with makeup applications can mean a lot of failed experiences here and there. From powders to eyeliners, to mascaras we all can attest to one difficulty or the other in their usage.

One of such difficulties experienced in the make-up application is how to properly apply the mascara, and prevent it from smudging.

Different techniques can be followed to avoid this. It’s always a source of irritation to have your makeup complete, and your mascara suddenly begins to slip and ruin the rest of your makeup.

We all know that good make-up takes some time, and no one wants to have mascara smudge ruin their fun. Let’s get into the details about mascara smudging, and how to avoid them.

What Causes Your Mascara To Smudge?

Mascara smudge

Before we begin dishing out solutions on how to prevent your mascara from smudging, we must look at what causes mascara to smudge in the first place. Mascara smudges don’t just happen, there are usually several triggers that set the smudge in motion. We’d quickly look into the main causes of a mascara smudge:

Super Oily Eyelids

Oily eyelids can lead to a mascara smudge. Have you noticed how you line your eyes with a black pencil, and after a couple of hours you find out the very sharp line of the eyeliner is quite smudged? This happens to us when we use eyeliners, and this is because our eyelids have this oily skin that releases much oil causing your mascara to smear on. 

Well, it might sound like the oil glands around your eyelids are overworking, and the fact is, it isn’t as active as other parts of your face, like your T-zones.  And it’s all so because that oil called sebum hydrates your eye area to keep it refreshed and wrinkle-free. But not as much as your cheeks. So the oil is not such bad news for your skin, but for your mascara, it is.

Heavy eye creams and oily serum applications around the eye can be another trigger of mascara smudging. Once your lashes with wet mascara touch your eye skin, you’d notice a mascara stain. 

Mascara Components

Another reason for a smudged mascara is the components of your mascara. Some mascaras are made of binding ingredients that safely bind the pigment to your lashes. This is why you’d notice some mascaras are very less clumpy than others.

This is all dependent on the ingredient composition of your mascara. Mascara formulas that leave that spidery-clumpy lash look are more prone to smudging. Clumpy lashes have mascara residue hanging around and outside the lash hair and touching the skin would cause a heavy smear.

Mascara Application

Another cause of smudging mascara is Mascara Application. There is a way to apply mascara and reduce the possibility of smudging your makeup. Possessing a good mascara isn’t enough to combat smudging, you must know how to apply your mascara to reduce the appearance of clumps as they make smudging more possible. Pulling out your mascara wand and just coating your upper and lower lashes should be done with some skill.

We have had enough of mascara smudges and we want solutions that work. 

How To Keep Mascara From Smudging

Every beauty problem has one or more solutions to combat it. And mascara smudges can be arrested. It’s the reason we first looked at the main causes of mascara smudging and we’ll now provide solutions to tackle it. All means to stop mascara smudging are feasible so you can easily apply it in your makeup routine. You don’t need to be some beauty aficionado to relate to our simple tips here. 

1. Clean The Oils and Creams

To begin with, oils are not your mascara’s best friend, and as such are the first things to tackle when avoiding a mascara smudge. Mascara pigments can easily attach to the natural oil called sebum from our skin and creamy products applied around the eyes. I know you want to properly hydrate your eye area to prevent wrinkled skin and there is a better way to do it.

Here’s how!

Before applying your mascara, clean your face, especially your eye area with your face cleanser. This would also get rid of oils and sweat that could easily cause your mascara to smudge.

2. Use An Oil-Free Moisturiser

After cleaning your face, moisturise your face with a lightweight moisturiser that easily absorbs into the skin. Avoid Oily serums during the day, when the temperature could be the hottest leading to more oil production and even sweat. You can luxuriously use your oily serum at night after taking off the mascara from your lashes.

3. Hello Primer!

Do you want to know what an Eyelash Primer can do for your lashes? Read and find out more! 

Primers can do a lot for your lashes by coating your lashes and sealing them with a clear or white coat. It makes it easy for mascara to stay on lashes and reduces smudging. As it’s a safer way to make your mascara full proof from oil. It’s way safer than even Waterproof mascara. Primers can keep your mascara on for longer with a more voluminous look.

Mascara Application and Other Tips To Avoid Smudging

If you must apply your mascara correctly to avoid smudging, always coat your lashes carefully.

  • Avoid using too much formula at a go.
  • Avoid squinting your eyes right after a mascara application.
  • Stay in a well-aerated room, to aid your mascara drying fast and avoid you sweating as this could mess up your neat look.
  • You could attach an eye pad to your lower eyelid to absorb any excess pigment smudging your eyes.
  • Avoid excess concealer in the lower eyelid to avoid heavy creasing and smudging. Instead, use a translucent powder as it’s lightweight and more friendly to your under-eye skin.

Are Waterproof Mascaras Smudge Proof?

The gist of waterproof mascaras is their ability to fight the teary-flood, rain, and everything water. Cool, you may say! Cool in minimising smudges, but not so cool for your lashes as they can end up dehydrated and brittle. Beauty experts advise that waterproof mascaras should never be an everyday mascara as it could cause your lashes to fall prematurely.

 If you must use waterproof mascara, do well to take care of your lashes by removing them correctly and moisturizing your lashes to supply enough moisture and other conditioners.

With all of this information, you can say bye-bye to panda eyes and rock your gorgeous eye makeup without a nasty smudged look. Keep in mind that opting for mascaras with lash boosting ingredients is a plus for lashes. 

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