How Long Does Mascara Last Unopened? (5 Tips to Make it Last Longer)

Mascara is an essential element of any makeup kit as it can transform your gaze, giving you a dramatic, natural or soft look. However, this product is not so easy to find, and most of the time, we find ourselves wondering how long it will last.

How Long Does Mascara Last Unopened?

Unopened Mascara

Generally, an unopened mascara can last up to 2 to 3 years if stored correctly in a cool place. Every product has an expiration date stamped on its packaging and the exact time it takes for a mascara to expire depends on the specific product, how it is stored and whether or not it is sealed or open. Moreover, if you have a natural product that is organic and has no preservatives, then it can expire way faster than you think.

The preservatives make any product last long as they are chemical substances lacking organic or natural makeup products. In most cases, it can be hard to find when sealed and unopened mascara expires since it is not stamped on the packaging. Either way, remember that an unopened mascara can last up to 2-3 years.

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Can Unopened Mascara Dry Out?

Your mascara doesn’t dry out if you haven’t opened it yet. However, you shouldn’t keep your unopened mascara for more than three years. Besides, if you store the mascara in a cool, dry place and away from the sunlight, there is a lesser chance of it drying out.

Another reason why the mascara might dry out depends on the quality of the brand of mascara. Although when expired but unopened mascara is appropriately stored, chances are it can last up to 2 years, but if you open it and it looks thick, gloppy, or has changed color, do not hesitate to throw it away. According to the Food and Drug Administration (FDA), if the mascaras are appropriately stored and in perfect condition, you can use them long after their expiry date.

What Happens When Your Mascara Expires?

The first sign of expired mascara is the bad smell. If you are familiar with the original smell of mascaras, you will know that any weird smell is a sign of expired mascara. Also, the color changes and may not be as vibrant as usual. The general rule is to replace your mascaras every three months, as using them longer will make the mascara flake on your face or eye and yield undesired results.

Moreover, once the mascara is opened, its shelf life is decreased, and it will not last as long as an unopened one; chances are that if you leave it open for an extended period and do not store it properly, you may end up damaging the mascara. Finally, it is not advisable to use expired mascara as it can be much riskier than you think.

The effect of using an expired mascara include itching, burning, acne, red eye, and even loss of eyesight. Even if you are in doubt, do not use the product.

5 Tips For Preserving Mascara

1. Keep It Closed

Each time you apply mascara, you expose the tube to the air that dries the contents away. To avoid this, keep the container closed when you take the brush out, and make sure you use clean tissue so that no germs can come in contact with the tube’s rim.

2. Put It In The Fridge

What better way to preserve mascara than keeping it in the fridge? Although the mascara will get thick and cold, which might be challenging to apply, it will last longer.

However, exposure to heat or sun might dry out your mascara and damage them. When your mascara completely dries out less than three months after the purchase date, you can try dipping it while closed in a hot cup of water and leave it for close to two minutes.

3. Scrape And Don’t Pump

Most of us are used to pumping the mascara wand inside the tube to help get scoops of the formula. While this trick is helpful, the only disadvantage is that it allows air to rush inside and dry up your mascara. Instead, scrape the formula by pressing the brush against the tube wall and pulling it out slowly.

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4. Add Some Contact Solution

Adding a few drops of contact solution into the mascara tube will make the product produce more fluid. Squeeze one or two drops of contact solution or moisturizing eye drops into the mascara tube, then seal entirely and shake thoroughly for the mascara to disperse the solution. Be careful not to squeeze too much solution.

5. Avoid Germs

The last thing you want on your mascara tube is a chunk of bacteria, and the only way to prevent these chunks of bacteria is by changing your mascaras every three months and avoiding sharing with someone else.

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Final Note

Mascaras can last for an extended period when unopened, but this doesn’t mean you should hold on to that product for too long. Ophthalmologists recommend replacing your mascara every three months to avoid a chunk of bacteria on your brush.

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