L Curl Lash Extension: Are they the Right Choice?

As a lash technician, you should have various curls due to the increasing demand for eyelash extensions. Clients have different preferences and always want the latest lash style; therefore, it is your job as a lash technician to ensure you provide a look that suits their eye shape. However, if you have a client who wants a dramatic curl to give their face that extra lift, an L curl lash extension is the ideal option.

What Is L Curl Lash Extension?

L curl lash extensions
L curl lash extension by @BellaRose Beauty by Michele Antonucci

L curl lash extensions, called “Barbie curl,” are eyelash extensions with a shorter and straighter base but with a dramatic blend. They are shaped like an “L” and have a flat base that points straight up. Many features of the L curl sets it apart from other lash extension curls.

For instance, the curl is flat at the base but quickly transitions into a C curl lift from the middle of the extensions up to the tips. It can also be used for all lash styles from classic to mega volume and can be dramatic and natural. L curl is ideal for clients with straight or downturned natural lashes and looks best when applied in a cat or kitten design.

They are also perfect for creating a bold effect when applied to the outer eye. In contrast, L curl lash extensions are a step up from D curl lash extensions, and they are a better choice when trying to achieve a glam look, a wide-eyed look, or when you want to take a break from other curls.

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How To Do L Curl Lash Extension

In case you are wondering if L curls lash extension is challenging, the truth is the extension can be very intimidating because of its strong base, but they are also straightforward to do if you follow the proper steps.

1. Use The Right Tweezers

When doing L curl lash extensions, always go for the right tweezers. In that case, the best tweezer for L curl lashes is the L shape tweezers.

2. Consider The Eye Shapes

This curl is perfect for clients with downturned eyes because this kind of eye shape needs a proper L curl lifting effect. On the other hand, for monolid eyes, it is best to use volume lashes ranging from 0.05 and 0.07. Notwithstanding, for almond eyes, you can opt out of any curl and length, provided your client’s natural lashes can handle it.

3. Go For Color Lashes

Use L curl brown lashes instead of black to give your clients a stunning look. You can also choose to L curl classic and volume lash extensions, but you must experiment with each of your client’s natural lashes to know which look will suit them best.

What Is The Right Mapping For L Curl Lash Extension?

L Curl Lash Extension Map
L Curl Lash Extension by @Gold Lash Lounge

Before mapping, you must talk to your clients to understand their preferences. Always remember that this lash curl is ideal for clients with straight lashes that tip downward, and the curl can offer a dramatic and exotic appearance that many clients will love. Essentially, as a lash technician, you ought to know many methods and styles for mapping to deliver precisely what your clients want.

However, the most popular mapping with the L curl lash extension is an extreme cat or fox eye. With this mapping, the shortest lengths are put in the inner corner, while the most extended length is in the outer corner, for example, 8.9.10,11 mm. Likewise, L curl lash extensions offer the clients the ideal wide eye impression, and to achieve this, mapping properly according to their eye shape and demand is necessary.

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What Eye Shapes Are Suitable For L Curl Lash Extension?

One thing that makes the L curl lash extensions unique and set apart from other lash extension curls is that they can be used for all lash styles and can be dramatic or natural as a client desires. L curl lash extensions are suitable for clients with hooded eyes, monolid eyes, and eyelid folds that do not complement their eye shape.

For hooded eyes, the L curl is the most used lash extension curl since the flat base extends farther away from the upper lid so that the curl does not come in contact with the brow bone the same way a D curl might. To sum it all up, L curl lash extensions are suitable for;

  1. People with almond eye
  2. People with monolid eye
  3. People with hooded eye
  4. People with downward–pointing natural lashes
  5. People with small eyes.

Why Use L Curl Lash Extension?

The whole point behind L curl lash extensions is to increase as many contact points as possible between the natural lash base and the extensions. One of the many ways to get creative using L curl is to blend the curl with any other curls you desire.

For instance, if you are doing a cat eye style on your client, you can use fewer curly lashes on the inner-middle part of the eye to keep those areas delicate. You can also choose to use an L curl on the outer corner to lift and extend that area creating a cat eye finish.

In blending an L curl with another curl, let’s say, for example, you are blending a J curl and an L curl; the J curl will be used from the inner corner of the eye while the L curl will be used on the outer corners of the eye. Once you have decided where both curls will end, you can use it as the halfway mark between the two curls, with a small section on either side of the mark as your blend area.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What Is L Curl Good For?

L curl lash extensions are best for creating a better bond to natural lashes, often resulting in better retention.

How Do You Pick Up L Curl Lashes?

Although it may seem intimidating, picking up the L curl lashes is much easier than you think. L curl fans are more challenging to fan, so use the L-shaped tweezer to pick the fan above the bent of the L curl when holding the L curl lash fan with your tweezer.

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