Hybrid Lash Mapping Guide

Lash extensions are cosmetic applications that are diverse in style, length, curl, texture, and thickness. The lash extension world is a world of its own! One area that many seem to be oblivious about is the Mapping of Lash Extensions. Few are even aware of lash mappings. And lash mappings are the secret to creating gorgeous lashes.

The Hybrid lash extension is a lash extension style that captures the blend of both the Classic Lash and the Volume Lash. And it has a unique mapping blend that guides the placement of each lash extension.

Hybrid Lash Mapping

Eyelash Map
Ready to Use Eyelash Map
by Qingdao Hopestar Trade Co

A lash extension mapping guides your application of lash extensions to create the desired lash look. Hybrid Lash Mapping infuses the Classic Lash with the Volume lash in different ratios.

The Classic Lash is a lash extension fixed in a ratio of one lash extension to one natural lash. This lash style gives a prominent simple lash look, and it is an excellent option for those looking for a lengthier lifted lash look to their lashes.

The Volume Lash or Russian Volume is created by densely fixing lash extensions 2-6D to 1 lash strand. Two or more lash strands are glued together to create a lash fan. The fanning together of these lash strands creates a more dense and voluminous look.

The Hybrid Lash extension is a perfect blend of these lash types to create a lash look that’s not as dense and voluminous as the Russian Volume Lash but denser than the Classic Lash.

Hybrid Mapping Ratio-Guide

Hybrid Lash Mapping
Spikey Hybrid Lash Map by legacybeautycompany

The Classic and Russian Volume lashes are fixed in ratios that best suit your desired look. Lash artists can create a Hybrid in the ratio of 50:50. 50% of Classic Lash Extension with 50% of Volume Lash Extension. That might still be difficult to interpret in practice, so here’s the breakdown.

50% Classic Lash / 50% Volume Lash

50% of your natural lashes are fixed in a classic lash style, which is one lash strand to one lash extension.

50% of your natural lashes will be fixed in volume lashes: Volume lashes of 2-6D will be fixed per one lash strand.

The 50/50 Ratio gives a uniform Hybrid look and a good balance of length and volume. This ratio is an excellent option for those who don’t want their Hybrid looking too sparse or dense.

The 70/30 or 30/70 Ratio

The 70/30 ratio is another ratio used in Hybrid Lash Mapping, and it is the merge of the Classic Lash and Volume Lashes in a 70/30 Ratio or vice versa.

This means that 70% percent of your lashes are fixed with classic extensions in the ratio of 1:1 and 30 percent of your lashes are fixed with Volume Lashes in the ratio of 2-6D to 1 natural lash.

The 70/30 ratio mapping pattern will create a Hybrid look that is more Classic than it is Voluminous, while the 30/70 ratio will create a Hybrid Lash Extension that is more Voluminous than it is Classic.

The 30/70 ratio is a good option for those wanting more volume from their Hybrid look.

With lash extensions, we find out that no one size fits all! There is no holy command on what ratio to use, and you can adjust the ratio to suit individual preferences.

Hybrid Mapping Styles

Mapping styles are vital to creating customized lash looks. Without lash mappings, we would be stuck on just one lash style and pattern which cannot possibly favor all eye shapes.

So while creating your Hybrid set, consider the shapes of the eyes. There are different mapping styles for different eye shapes to flatter each eye shape.

You can Map your Hybrid with any of these Mapping Styles.

The Doll Style

doll lash mapping
Doll Lash Mapping
Source: @doll_lash_trap

Round and Almond Shaped eyes will greatly benefit from this lash mapping. The lashes are mapped, with the longest lashes at the center creating an open-eyed effect. This mapping style can create doll-looking eyes.

The Kim K Style

Kim K lash map

This mapping style has become a popular lash mapping style. Lashes are spread equally across the lash length. It flatters the round and almond eyes.

Wispy Kim K Lash Map
Wispy Kim K Lash Map by Glambox

Different lash professionals have their unique way of recreating the Kim K Lash look.

Kim K spikey map
Kim K spikey map look by Lash Envy

The Squirrel Style

Squirrel Lash map
Squirrel Lash map by DSJ Lashes

Those with hooded, monolid, deep-set, closet eyes can benefit from this mapping style. Shorter lashes begin at the inner corners, and lengths increase gradually to have the longest lash just past the midpoint and then the shorter lengths following.

The Cat Eye Style

cat eye volume lash map
Cat eye volume lash map by The Beauty Loft

Round, Almond, and Close-set eyes can see dramatic changes with the fierce cat-eye look. The Cat eye mapping starts with shorter lengths in the inner corners, and length increases to the midpoint and a slight decrease in length at the edge. This mapping style can give a fierce alluring look, widening the eye length and slimming the eye look.

Elongated Cat Eye by @lashdonrax

Fixing An Hybrid Lash

Hybrid lashes are popular for the balance of length and volume. Follow this simple guide to applying your Hybrid lash extension. Read more about lash extension application.

Get the eye area cleaned and free from any eye make-up.

Ask your client to sit up straight and ask them to look straight, opening and closing their eyes to determine the shape of the eye.

Observe any part of their eyes that would need extra lifting and use a curlier extension in such areas. A curlier lash like the D Curl lash would suit such purposes.

Observe the eye shape, eye size, and natural lash, as this would come in handy in making the best lash choice.

Get out an under-eye pad, and fix it under the eyes.

A white under-eye pad is an excellent contrast to work it as it is easier to see the lashes.

Map the desired style on the eye pad to guide you. Do this by using a marker on your eye pad to divide the eye area into sections.

With your chosen lash style in mind and mapping style, glue the lash extensions to the natural lash, placing them in the right places. Start from the inner corners of the eyes, and place appropriate lash curl and length. Gradually increase length till the mid-point and the edge of the eyes.

How Long Does An Hybrid Lash Last?

Blending two Lash styles isn’t a walk in the park, it requires good skill to blend both in perfect harmony. The Classic Lash is a simple fix, while the Volume lashes are two or more lashes fanned together. If you are fanning the lash together, which is the case most of the time, expect to take more time.

The Hybrid Lash application takes about 1.5hrs to 2hrs to get done, and patience is needed to complete this beautiful blend.

The Hybrid lashes can last till your next to last lash growth cycle, after which it begins to shed.

The Hybrid lash is your go-to look for a perfect balance of length and volume, and mapping it to suit individual features is the way to nail the look. Keep in mind, that you can have it in your preferred blend ratio to customize the look and flatter individual features.

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