How to Apply Mascara on Fake Lashes – Do’s and Don’ts

The swipe of your mascara wand can drastically lengthen and thicken your natural lashes. It’s the reason mascaras have become a very useful makeup tool. As much as we know the transformation that we can get from applying mascara on our lashes, we are still very skeptical about using mascara on fake lashes.

In the beauty sphere, misconceptions about the use of mascara on fake lashes abound. These misconceptions bother about the need for applying mascara on fake lashes. Many ask questions like:

Do my fake lashes need mascara?

Will applying mascara to my fake lashes make any difference? 

Does mascara ruin my false lashes?

If you have been wondering the same, then this article will drop key information on applying mascara to fake lashes. Have a jolly good read!

Why Do Many Presume Mascaras Are Not For Fake Lashes?

When mascaras come to mind, the first connecting thought is your lashes and not fake lashes. Hardly does anyone instantly attach using mascaras on fake lashes, and it’s understandable why. We know mascara gives your thin, sparse lashes some length and volume, but who knows what they’d do to already thick fake lashes?

And besides, many do not subscribe to mascara on lashes because fake lashes come with pre-set length and thickness.

Can I Put Mascara On Fake Lashes?

Contrary to popular opinion, mascara can be applied to fake lashes. However, there are pros and cons to its application. You should bear in mind that wearing mascara on your fake lashes can alter the durability of your fake lashes. So you can apply mascara on your fake lashes but with many directions.

How Do I Apply Mascara to My Falsies?

Fixing a fake lash also known as a falsie would need that you at least apply a coat of mascara on your natural lashes first. This helps the false lash attach better to the natural lashes.

How Do I Apply Mascara to My Falsies
  • The coat of mascara on your lashes should be allowed to dry first before placing your falsies. A wet mascara could smudge and ruin your eye makeup. I get to deal with this quite a lot in my haste. So avoid smudged makeup, and allow your mascara dry before attaching your lashes.
  • Once your lashes are in place, complete your lash look by applying mascara to your bottom lashes to better define your eyes. 
  • Depending on your type and material of lash, you can apply a single coat of mascara on your false lashes for added volume impact.

What Kind of Lashes Can I Apply Mascara On?

False eyelashes come in different materials. Your falsies can come in faux mink, silk fibers, and other synthetic materials. When you get to purchase your flashes, feel the texture. If you notice the texture is hard, it is a pointer that the plasticity is high, and as such it’s impossible to coat such falsie with mascara. 

If you must coat your false lashes, do so with lashes that have a silky and hair-like feel. The mascara coat can at least stay on such a type of synthetic material. 

Also note that eyelash extensions in Volume style should not be coated with mascara as the volume of the lash extension is obvious. It is more suitable to coat a Classic Eyelash than a Volume Eyelash.

Mascara and Falsies Don’ts

If you must apply mascara on your false lashes there are things you shouldn’t do or use. I would be stating them out below:

  • A single mascara coat should suffice. Don’t be tempted to double coat and triple coat mascara on your lashes. A single coat is enough to create that double volume look!
  • Avoid using waterproof mascaras

There are different types of mascaras available. These mascara types come with different functions. Waterproof mascara is a mascara that protects your lashes against water impact. Getting waterproof mascara off your lashes can prove to be very difficult. Regular Mascara should do.

Will Mascara Damage My False Lash?

We always want to know the consequences of our actions. And yes, there are consequences of applying mascara on lash extensions

Mascara on false lashes could damage your lashes. Mascaras are specially formulated liquids. And consistent use could leave your natural lashes more brittle and prone to breakage. While your falsies may not break, their structure can be greatly altered. If their structure is altered, you lose the beauty they give your eyes. 

Also, applying mascara to your false lashes can make them unusable again. Getting rid of mascara on false lashes should be done before re-applying mascara.

How to Remove Eyelash Extension Mascara

After a long stressful day, sleeping without removing your mascara is a no-no! Whether it is a natural lash or a fake lash, you should never retire to bed with your lashes on. Removing mascara from your lashes is no herculean task. You’d be done in a matter of minutes. Follow my simple guide: 

  • Be gentle and avoid using any force here.
  • Make use of an oil-free makeup remover. Surfactant is the major ingredient of water-based makeup removers, and it is responsible for removing makeup particles. 
  • Remove your false lashes and mascara by gently lifting the falsies.
  • After this, go ahead to remove your eye makeup with your preferred makeup remover or cleanser.

Additional Tips and Care

Your mascara-coated lashes need to be taken care of. Handling It carelessly can lead to damage to your falsies or worse still, your natural lashes. These simple tips would help you:

  • Avoid excessively touching or rubbing your eyes
  • Use a lash brush or spoolie to comb out lashes and not your hands
  • Never sleep with mascara on your lashes. Follow the tip on removing mascara from eyelashes.
  • Avoid digging your face into the pillows, this will ruin your lashes faster.
  • Use applicators like a lash brush, and do not pull your lashes
  • Proper hygiene is important and should be maintained to prevent germs from getting into your eyes
  • When using your mascara, do not pump your wand in the tube. Instead, gently pull out your mascara in a twist-like motion.
  • Use water-based and oil-free mascaras when applying them to your falsies.

Now you know what you need to know about applying mascara on fake lashes. It all boils down to individual preference. Mascara gives that added impact of volume both to natural and fake lashes. One might see no need to add mascara to an already voluminous lash, while a Classic lash using a mascara looks great! All cards are now on the table so you can weigh your options while making a choice.

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