J Curl Lash: Are these Extensions Right for You?

When it comes to eyelash extensions, length, curls, diameter and thickness, and so many others make a huge difference in determining the final look of your client. This article will look at J curl lash extensions and how they suit a client’s special needs.

J Curl Lash Extension

What are J Curl Lashes?

J curl lash extensions are the subtlest curl of lash extensions available that can give your natural lashes a lift. They are pretty similar to a J shape, only slightly curled at the tips, and they are the least curly or lifted lashes while adding volume and length.

J Curl Lash
Outer Corner Eye J Curl Look by Tsubaki.lash

This lash extension curl is perfect for clients who want a natural look, though it is not recommended for a downward-facing eye shape. Moreover, if the client wants an extra touch that still looks natural, B curl lashes would be a great option. Essentially, the J curl lash extensions will elongate your natural lashes but will not provide much curl at all.

In contrast, the Jc curl has slightly more curl than the J curl, and it is closest to the natural lashes and ideal for those who want a more natural look. Although it may be pretty challenging to figure out the best lash extension curl for your eye shape, if you want a perfect whimsical and luminous look while keeping the natural length of your lashes, J curl lash extension is the best option.

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What Is The Difference Between J Curl And C Curl Lash Extensions?

In contrast, the C curl is the most common lash extension used because they strike a balance between dramatic flair and natural allure. On the other hand, J curl lash extensions have the least curls compared to other lash extensions, and they also work best with clients with very straight natural lashes.

J curls mimic the slight curvature of the client’s natural lashes, perfect for creating a natural, subtle, conservative look. They will also add plenty of gorgeous length and volume. You would agree that these two curls are popular and most commonly preferable with many types of eyelash extensions.

C curl has a curl of 60 degrees and is an ideal option for clients with monolids, slightly droopy, or narrow eye shapes. However, one significant benefit of the J curl lash extension is that it provides length with its slight curl at the tip.

The curl will look longer than other lashes, and clients can get a full length added to their lash looks when they use a J curl. The shape and thickness of the overall strip can make the curl look either natural or more striking, but they are a great “in-between” choice that gives you a wide-eyed gaze without being overly dramatic.

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Is J Curl Best For Bottom Lash Extensions?

Bottom lash extensions add an extra length and definition to the bottom lashes, which can help open up the eyes and make them appear larger and more dramatic. The lashes are thinner and shorter than the upper lashes, and they generally change how the eye appears. However, these lash extensions aren’t always offered to clients because they are often considered advanced skills.

While this lash extension is suitable for mascara-loving and mega-volume clients, clients with short or sparse lower lashes are advised to avoid this lash extension. Moreover, since the J curl is described as the lash extension curl with the least amount of curls compared to other curls, it would be suitable with the bottom lash extension because the bottom lashes require fewer curls than the top lashes to look natural.

Which Eye Shape Is Compatible With J Curl Lash Extension?

Choosing a lash extension curl compatible with your eye shape is another crucial aspect of lash styling. Some eye shapes need extra curls to define their eyes, while some need tiny curls. Here are the eye shapes compatible with a J curl lash extension.

Almond Eye Shape

This eye shape is the most exact eye shape to work with. This natural shape allows for almost any eyelash extension curl, from soft and natural to bold and dramatic. As a result, using a J curl lash extension in a medium length will be ideal for a more natural look.

Deep Set Eyes

This eye shape isn’t compatible with a severe curl which is why a J curl is ideal.

Since J Curl is not compatible with all eye shapes, here are the unsuitable eye shape for J Curl Lash Extension

Asian Eyes

Asian eyelids are pretty challenging for lash artists mainly because the eye shape differs from Caucasian and African American eyes meaning the lashes need to be applied differently to achieve a more natural look. When it comes to lash curl for Asian eyes, “J Curl” should be avoided.

Monolid Eye Shape

For monolid eyes, avoid using flat curls such as J curl because monolid eyes tend to have a natural lash that is already very flat, so the J curl will enhance the flatness and make the eyes look smaller than expected. Instead, clients with monolid eye shapes should go for curls like L and L+ so that the eyes will remain open and your vision is obscured.

How Long Do J Curl Lash Extensions Last?

If you love going for a natural look, you would want to continue using J curl because they aren’t the kind of lash extension curl you use often, but when you use them, you’d be glad you did. Most users claim the lash extension curl ensures comfortable and long-lasting wear and can last between 2-6 weeks. For best results, replacing J curls every three months is highly recommended.

How Much Does J Curl Lash Extension Cost?

The price of a J curl lash extension can vary from one brand to another. If you are going for a semi-permanent option, expect a starting point around $120 up to $300. For a full-permanent or individual option, expect anything from $1000-$2000.

You might be required to spend more depending on your area and the kind of eyelash services offered there. Before purchasing the semi-permanent or individual option, ask how long the lashes will last, so you don’t get disappointed later.

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