How to Choose a Lash Extension for Your Eye Shape

Welcome to the world of lash extensions with a plethora of curls, lengths, and thicknesses to leave you in awesome wonder. Lash extensions are an item in the beauty world because they can switch up one’s general look with their flip and curl.

There are different lash extension curl types and in this article, you will know all the possible lash curls that exist and how to use them to your advantage.

Let’s Curl and Roll!

Understanding the Types of Lash Extension Curl

To create a beautiful lash extension, you must know your lash curls. Knowing your lash curl is like Course 101 of Lash Extensions.

Let’s get started!

Lash curls are lettered using Alphabets to depict their curl shape. Below are lash curls from the least curled to the most curled.

The I Curl

This is the straightest lash curl and gives no curve, it is best used for the purpose of creating a little more length and density to the natural lash.

The J Curl

This is the least curved lash extension as it has a slight curve. The curl Is hardly noticeable from the front. The J curl imitates the letter j, to have a good picture of how this curl looks, write the letter j and turn the paper sideways and that is how the j curl looks like.

The B Curl

The B Curl Is curlier than the J Curl and it is the basic lash curl. The B Curl is a natural lash curl and gives a simple natural look.

The C Curl

The C Curl is a popular lash curl, and it is curvier than the B Curl. The C Curl gives a more lifted lash look.

The D Curl

The D Curl is curvier than the C Curl. The D Curl is another curvier lash favorite for those looking for a bolder curve.

The U Curl

The U Curl is the curviest lash extension. Some people also refer to it as DD Curl. It has a curve like a letter U.

The L Curl

The L Curl has a flat base with an outward flip. This curl type is angled and suits a particular eye shape.

The N Curl

This curl type is the most angled type. It has a flat base and a sharp flip upwards like the letter N. You can imagine the N Curve to have an angle that looks like angle 90.

The M Curl

Similar to the L Curl is the M Curl, with the same flat base as the L Curl and more curves than the L Curl.

Other Derived Lash Curls

Lash curls present us with endless possibilities. Lash Innovators have come up with curl blends to give the best of both worlds. These curls were derived to capture the advantage of two lash curls. See these lash curl blends:

The CC Curl
The demand for a curvier C Curl but a less curvy D Curl is what derived the C Curl. The CC is an excellent option for an in-between curl as it offers more curl than the C Curl.

The LC Curl
This lash curl is a derivative of both the L Curl and C Curl. It has the flat base of the L Curl and the Curve of the C Curl.

The LD Curl
This lash curl is another blend of the L and D Curls. The LD Curl has the flat base of an L Curl and the curve of a D Curl.

The EZ-Curls
This lash curl is designed specially to have a longer base for better attachment of the extension to the natural lash. This Lash curl provides better attachment meaning the lash extension can stay longer on the natural lash. The EZ-Curls can come as EZ-J, EZ-B ,EZ-C, EZ-D Curls.

Knowing Your Natural Lash Angle

Lash curls can create different looks because of their curve or flip. And these look the best suit a certain natural lash angle.

Our lashes are not of the same angle, this refers to the pointing direction of the lash hairs.

Your natural lash can be pointing:

Observing the lashes and their point of direction helps you know the fitting extension curl to use.

For Upward Pointing Lashes
This lash type points upwards, meaning that it has a natural curve and flip that looks lifted already. A B or C Curl can look great on the upward-pointing lash.

For Straight Pointing Lashes
This lash curve points straight, and it can be hard to notice the lashes as they lie horizontally. A, C or CC will give a more lifted look to this lash type.

For Downward Pointing Lashes
The lash type is pointing downwards and has a slight fallen look. Use a very curly lash like the D Curl to give an open-eyed look. M Curls create an eyelift to a downward angled lash.

For Lashes, that are pointing in different directions, it is a professional tip to isolate each lash with respect to angle and use appropriate lash curl to balance out the angles, to create a more even look.

How To Choose The Perfect Lash Curl

Choosing the perfect lash curl amidst a variety of them can make your head spin. But with this simple guide, it can be easy to make the perfect lash choice.

Start with observing the size of the eyes.
Lash curls can enhance small eyes and make them look bigger. Curvy lashes like the CC and D Curl can give an open eye look.

Lash Styles
Every lash style is created with a blend of one or two lash curls. Simple lash looks use less curvy lashes like the B, J, and C Curl. While more dramatic lash styles use more curvy lashes like the CC, D, and U Curls.

Eyes Shape and Lash Curl

This is a major determining factor in choosing a lash curl. Lash curls suit different eye shapes, and it is essential to know the eye shape before selecting a lash curl. To determine your eyes shape:

Place a mirror before your face
Make sure your face is void of any eye makeup or application as this can interfere with your judgment.
Observe your eyes and check for these signs:

Do you observe a crease or not?
If No crease, you have monolid eyes
If Yes, is the Crease overlapping at the outer corners?- if yes, you have Hooded eyes.

If you are none of the above, try out this test

Open your eyes, can you see the whites of your eyes above or below the iris?
If yes, you have round eyes
If not, you have almond eyes.

For determining if you are down-tuned or upturned eyes, look into the mirror and create an imaginary line across your pupil. Look to the outer edges, if your lids drop lower than that imaginary straight line, you have down-turned eyes. And if your lid goes above that line, you have up-turned eyes.

For lash curl decisions and impact on eye shape, I’d focus on hooded, almond, round, and monolid eyes.

For Hooded Eyes

The hooded eyes are the key shape that seems to have an overlapping crease. The lash curls best suiting for these eye shapes are the L Curls. The L Curls And its derivatives can prove to be a great lash curl to complement the hooded eyes.

The M Curls and L Curls have a long flat base for better attachment to the lash. Their flat base extends the lash outside the hood and then the curve, it is a great way of reducing the hood look and bringing out the eyes from the hood

For Monolid Eyes

The monolid eyes are eye shapes that you cannot seem to cut out a crease. This eye shape is most commonly observed in Asians. The eyelid is overlapping and sometimes droopy. This eye shape needs a dramatic lift to the eyes. The monolid eyes can have a droopy look, and a C and D Curl can give a good lift to the eyes, creating a more open and wide-awake look. With this simple tip, you can better lash and curl Asian eyes.

For Almond Eyes

The typical eye shape is an almond eye, and many lash curls can look great on this eye shape. This eye shape is twice as long as it is wide. The almond eyes are very versatile to work with in creating different lash looks.

It all depends on the client’s desire to lengthen their eyes or widen their eyes. To lengthen almond eyes, place the longest lash to the outer corner of the eyes. To widen almond eyes, place the longest lash at the midpoint. For a more lifted look, use lash curls that are curvier from the mid-point to the outer corners of the eyes.

For Round Eyes

Round eyes have the whites of their eyes visible either above or below the iris of the eyes. This eye shape is wider than it is longer. And very curvy Lash Curls don’t flatter this eye shape.

Curvy D Lashes or CC Lashes can give a startled look to round eyes. Lash curls like the B and C Curls would be more appropriate for this eye shape.

For Downturned Eyes

This eye shape has the outer corners dipping lower than the inner corners. Lash Styling that emphasizes this dip, like the cat eyelash extension doesn’t flatter this eye shape.

Downturned eyes can look like sleepy eyes, to balance the eye shape, use curvier curls at the edge to create a lift and give the illusion of a raised lid. Use an M Curl for a drastic lift.

Lash Curls enhance the eyes and create customized lash extension looks. There is a variety of lash curls to work with, and this is why you should be familiar with the lash curl, eye shape, and client’s style to make the best lash decision.

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