Lash Lift Too Lifted? 7 Quick Fixes

So you went for a lash lift, but now they’re too lifted – are you doomed to suffer looking at your lashes gone wrong for the next 6-8 weeks? Thankfully, you’re not doomed. There are lots of different things that you can do to fix your lashes if they are too lifted. Here we’ll discuss seven ways that you can quickly and easily fix a lash lift gone wrong.

Why Did My Lash Lift Go Wrong?

Before we talk about how to fix a lash lift, let’s talk about why your lash lift went wrong in the first place. Many different things can lead to a bad lash lift. Poor lash cleansing before the process takes place, improper shield placement, wrong size of wand, improper use of the solution – even improper storage of the solution can impact the outcome of a lash lift. 

This is why we always stress the importance of finding the right technician. A good technician will be aware of proper storage techniques and all of the details that need to be tended to in order for a lash lift to turn out properly.

It’s also essential to choose a technician that listens to your wants and needs. There are different size wands that can be used depending on what effect you want your lashes to take on. Failing to listen to your needs could result in more lifted lashes than what you are hoping for. 

7 Tips For Fixing A Lash Lift:

So your lashes are too lifted – now what? Here are 7 ways to fix them:

  1. Get Them Wet

After a lift, one of the first things your lash technician will tell you is, “don’t get them wet.” For 48 hours after you have your lashes lifted, you mustn’t get them wet as this can reverse the effect of the lift. So if your lashes are over lifted, that’s precisely what you want to do – get them wet. 

Of course, when wetting your lashes you also need to be careful that you don’t get any of the solution that was used into your eyes. So instead of sopping your lashes or running your eyes under shower water, use a damp cloth and gently cleanse them with warm water. 

  1. Use A Castor Oil

Another piece of advice that your lash technician will give you is to avoid using any oily products on your lashes after a lift. Again, if you want to reverse the effects of the lash lift, you can choose to do the opposite. Apply castor oil to your lashes 1-2 times per day to help reduce the effects of an overdone lash lift. 

  1. Use Coconut Oil

If you don’t have any castor oil, coconut oil is a good alterternative. Coconut oil is oily enough to help reverse some of the effects of a lash lift, while at the same time providing nourishment to your lashes and promoting natural growth.

Coconut oil is also a good option if your lashes have been overprocessed and become brittle or frizzy. Several applications of coconut oil on your lashes each day can help to bring them back to life. 

  1. Avoid Eyelash Curlers

This may seem like an obvious suggestion if your lashes are already too long or curled, but avoid using eyelash curlers if your lashes have been over lifted. Curling your lashes can make them look even longer, which is contrary to what you want to happen.

Note: It’s always good practice to avoid using eyelash curlers anyways, even if you are happy with your lashes. Lash curlers can be very harsh on lashes that have been chemically altered, so your lash technician should tell you to avoid them after a processing. 

  1. Avoid Using Mascara

Again, this may seem like an obvious suggestion for overdone lashes, but it’s a good reminder. Mascara will just make your lashes look thicker, longer, and more dramatic. Avoid the use of any kind of lash makeup to prevent your lashes from looking even more lifted. 

  1. Call Your Lash Technician

Using the methods above can help you to relax your lash lift, but they can also take time. If you’re dissatisfied with the look of your lashes and need them changed immediately, it’s best to call your lash technician. There may be some things that they can do to help relax your lashes safely under their guidance. 

You must be straight up with your technician right away if you aren’t happy with the results of your lift. The sooner that you address the issue, the easier it will be to deal with. 

  1. Let Your Lashes Grow Out

Depending on how bad your lashes are, you might just want to wait for them to grow out. Sometimes, especially if it’s your first lash lift, results can look more dramatic than they really are. Give yourself a week or two to get used to your new lash look. If still you don’t love them, then you can try some of the techniques above, or simply let your lashes grow out on their own. 

How To Avoid A Lash Lift That Is Too Lifted? 

The best way to avoid any problems with your lash lift is to find a technician that you can trust. Always make sure that your lash technician is trained, experienced, and that they can show you proof of certification. You should never let anyone work in your delicate eye area if they do not have the training and experience to do so safely.

Lash technicians use chemicals near your eyes. And while the lash lift procedure is considered generally safe, there are risks involved, and these risks are drastically increased if your technician is not qualified or experienced. 

A good lash technician will know proper storage solutions, how to properly set your lashes, what size rods to use, and how long to leave any chemicals on your lashes. The results will be lashes that you love rather than lashes too lifted!

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