Can You Wear Mascara With a Lash Lift?

A Lash Lift is a perm for your lashes that creates a natural curl and lifts your lashes. Lash Lifts are also perfect for people who want a more natural look without the maintenance of extensions. The process creates a natural eye-opening lash swoop that can last for several weeks.

However, there are many different curl size options depending on your preference. For most people, lash lifts are mostly needed to save time and money because most people lead busy lives and have convenient schedules.

So definitely, Lash Lifts are a very convenient shortcut to great lashes. Lash Lifts are also a safer option, unlike lash extensions linked to several problems like allergic reactions, contact dermatitis, and ocular problems. It is also a simple and minimally invasive way to enhance your lashes without using products.

The duration of a lash cycle is between 6-8 weeks, and in this period, old lashes fall out, and the new lashes grow. The lash lift process usually includes a lash tint, making the lashes look darker and more stunning. The tint eyelash usually lasts a bit shorter than the lift, and it starts to fade after three weeks.

In addition, lash lifts require little preparation, so before getting your lash treatment, make sure you arrive at your appointment with a clean face. Also, if you wear mascaras regularly, it is advisable to stop usage for at least three days before your appointment so it can leave remains that prevent your lashes from sticking to adhesive.

Can You Wear Mascara With A Lash Lift?

Absolutely! You can wear mascara with a lash lift. Lash Lifts are an alternative to eyelash extensions because they curl your eyelashes from the base to the top, which gives the eye-popping results of longer lashes. Though it won’t change the length of the eyelashes as the eyelash extensions do, it just looks through long lashes.

How Long After A Lash Lift Can You Wear Mascara?

According to professionals, mascaras can be worn with a lash lift after 48 hours when the initial process has passed. Lash Lifts need time to set, so you should wait for at least 48 hours to use mascaras. It is also advisable to refrain from using eye creams, face oils, and other types of eye make-up.

Furthermore, when you are ready to start using mascaras, choose the right type of mascara and the suitable make-up remover.

Which Mascara Can You Wear With Lash Lift?

It would be best if you stuck to water-based mascaras or mineral mascaras. Other types of mascaras, like waterproof mascaras, contain oils that can end up damaging your lift and causing it to lose shape faster. Though you can wear waterproof mascaras can be worn after a lash lift, which can impact the result of your treatment.

The product contains ingredients like dimethicone, polyol, and a water-repelling silicone that gives the waterproof mascaras their longevity. Apart from this, it can also damage the lashes, and attempting to remove this mascara can also stress the lashes. So to make your lash lift longer, avoid waterproof mascaras.

Can Mascara Ruin Lash Lift?

Mascaras can ruin your lash lift if you do not wait until the appropriate time recommended after your lash lift application which is 24-48 hours. Not waiting could risk the hardening process of the bonding serum, and as a result, the lift of your lash will likely fall, and your lashes will return to their original shape.

How To Remove Mascara After A Lash Lift?

Removing mascaras after a lash lift is relatively easy; all you need to do is follow simple procedures such as using oil-free products and gently patting the lashes until the mascara has been removed. Most importantly, avoid rubbing the lashes to take the mascara off.

What Can Ruin Lash Lift?

Among other things, neglecting to follow instructions regarding lash lift aftercare can ruin your lash lift. Furthermore, the general thing that can ruin your lashes is when you rub your eye, and the friction caused by rubbing the eyes can damage your lashes and cause unnatural loss.

Also, the oil from your fingers can add to the oil naturally produced by your eyelashes, and this can cause poor bonding retention. In addition, eye infections can also ruin your lash lift, so avoid any unnecessary touching unless you are cleansing. Continuous usage of harsh products can also create a weak bond within your lash lift and damage the eyelashes.

Do’s And Don’t Of Lash Lift.

Avoid getting your eyelashes wet in the first two days after getting your lash lift treatment. Also, always avoid the eye area when you shower and wash your face.

Do skip saunas and swimming for the first few days after your lash lift treatment,

Always brush your lashes daily, and this would make your Lash Lift look great for as long as possible.

For long-lasting lash lift results, do sleep on your back for as long as possible.

Do not use oil-based products or any cream in general. Also, stay away from make-up.

Do not use a contact lens before your lash lift treatment.

Do not use a lash curler. Curling your lashes with a curler will not result in a long-lasting effect.

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