How to Fix Over-Processed Lash Lift – Pro Tips

It is every girl’s dream to have thick and well-curled natural lashes. You can’t help but gush over your friend’s long, and thick lashes. Imagine what satisfaction it would be to have such lashes. If only there was a fairy godmother to swish and wiggle her wand, and make your lash dreams come true.

Still, if that’s your wish, then your fairytale lashes could be a lash lift away! Ever heard of Lash lifts? No need to wonder what a Lash lift is, this article is here to wish you away into Lash glory and splendor! 

Sit back for a jolly good ride to the world of Lash Lifts. I would talk about a major problem encountered in lash lifts; which is overprocessed eyelashes. It is possible to overcome this problem, and even avoid it altogether. Hop in, and Let’s Go!

What Is A Lash Lift?

lash lift

A Lash Lift is a chemical cosmetic procedure that lifts your lashes and curls them. Lash lifts are very similar to a hair perm. The treatment lotions straighten out your lashes making them appear longer. Most lash lifts come with a tint and nourishing treatment. The tint makes the lash darker, making it appear thicker.

If you get the procedure right, you are bound to step out with longer and thicker-looking lashes. And if you miss it? well, your lashes would look awkward because they have been over-processed.

Are you wondering how you went from a supposed lash lift to a crinkled lash? You are just about to find out!

How Did My Lashes Get Over Processed?

Lash lifts can go wrong as a result of several factors. Lash Lifts are eyelash treatments that need to be well monitored and carefully done.

Every lash treatment should have a specified duration, and when you see an over-processed lash, it is a pointer that a step or steps was missed. So what are the causes of the over-processed lash?

  • Applying lash lift treatments for too long.

This is one major cause of a lash lift failure. Every lash treatment should be left for a specified duration. With the lash lift kit comes an instruction manual. Read and follow due instructions. 

  • Poor Application of Lash Glue

The lash glue is applied to the lashes to make them stick to the silicone rods. Applying excessive lash glue could dash your fairytale lash lift. Apply the right amount of glue, excessive amounts prevents the lash from getting full impact from the perm.

  • The Lifting Tools Not Used Correctly

Lash lifting has been made easy with the provision of lifting tools in the pack. Every tool has its function, and should be used as instructed to see desired results. 

The lifting brush picks the lash hairs and brushes them on the silicone rod. The Silicone rod is placed on the eyelid, and glued till the procedure is done. Silicone rods not fixed in place can distort the process and ruin your lash lift.

  • Using Expired or Wrongly Stored Products

Always remember to check the lash lift procedure for the expiry date. A Lash Lift makes use of chemicals to lift and straighten your eyelashes. If the chemicals in the treatments have been wrongly stored, or expired, this could harm your lashes, and leave them badly processed.

  • Choosing The Right Silicone Rod for your Lashes

A Lash lift kit comes with lifting tools and treatments to get the job done. One of those tools is the Silicone Rod. The silicone rod is a lash lift tool that straightens and curls the lashes. On the silicone rods, the lashes are glued.

This is where the curl of your lashes comes. Sizes of silicone rods are from small size to medium to large. You can speak with a professional lash artist, the one most fitting. The silicone rods should not be shaky or moving during a lash lift.

How To Fix Over-Processed Lash Lift?

If your lashes are over-processed, no need to sulk over it, because it can be corrected. Nobody wants to go around with a crinkled-looking lash. So here’s the trick to fixing your over-processed lashes:

You Simply Re-Perm Your Lashes!

When we speak about eyelash treatments like Eyelash Extensions, Lash Lifts, and Invisible Eyeliner amongst many others, you will notice a strong emphasis on hygiene. 

Keeping your eye area clean is crucial in all lash treatments. Maintain hygiene always by cleaning the eye area before and after lash procedures. 

Having said that, let’s go ahead!

How Do You Re-Perm Your Lashes?

After your eye area has been cleaned with a suitable cleanser, take out a clean spoolie.

  • Dip your spoolie brush into the lash perm lotion again, and brush on your lashes.
  • Brush your lashes from the root to the tip. 
  • Makes sure you brush downwards as your crinkled lashes are curved awkwardly upwards.
  • Leave the perming lotion for the stipulated period.
  • And clean again with a cotton swab.
  • Make sure to clean off all residue.

It’s that simple! You have your over-processed lashes fixed!

Lash Lift Guidelines

If you must get your lash lift right next time, you must pay attention to certain details. Mistakes are usually made during the process. To curb the mistakes, watch what you do. If you have been making these common mistakes, you will keep having bad lash lift results.

Stop trying to always get it all done yourself.

If you know you can’t get to a Professional Lash Artist to get your lash lift done, you can at least seek help when getting it done at home. It can be very demanding to apply treatment lotions to the lash, and keep up with their timing at the same time. So ask for help if you need to. Ask your bestie to help with the timing check. After all, what are best friends for?

Stop Touching Your Eyes or Eyelids During a Lash lift.

Avoid touching your eyelids, you can accidentally get chemicals into your eyes which can lead to cornea damage. And also move the placement of the silicone rod, thereby affecting their curling.

Stop Using Excessive Products.

We can sometimes think that the more products we use, the more effective our Lash lift will be. Don’t forget these are perming solutions, and must be followed according to instructions to prevent burns or over curling. 

Use the Appropriate Tools for their Specific Function.

If you must get that Lash lift you have so craved, you must use the right tool for the best result. 

Learn to Exercise Patience.

Being hasty would always lead to badly processed lashes. Gently apply everything as you should, and you’d reap beautiful, well-lifted lashes.

Can I Always Do A Back to Back Lash Lift?

 After about 6-8 weeks when your lashes begin to return to normal shape, it is important to leave them for another month or two before attempting another Lash lift. It is good for your lovely lashes if they rest it out, and regain full strength again. Back to Back Lash Lifts can take their toll on your lashes, making them more brittle and prone to shedding.

There it is! Fairy tale Lash Lifts in a bit! If you want to give a break to eyelash extensions, then opting for a lash lift is a good idea. And you can do so without the fear of over-processing your lashes. Now you know what to do if you ever find yourself in such a position. 

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