How to Get Natural Looking Eyelash Extensions Every Time

Eyelash extensions can create a simple and natural look or a bold, dramatic look. It all depends on the choice of the client, and lash artist’s skill among many others. Many who desire to venture into the world of lash extensions, desire to create lash looks that better amplify their natural features. And not something with so much drama.

It would seem like when eyelash extensions are mentioned many only envision very long, and thick lashes sticking out of one’s eyes. This is far from the truth, as images of beautifully fixed lash extensions would leave you guessing if they are real or fake.

Natural-looking eyelash extensions have become the favorite of those who want their extensions to look like they grew and thickened overnight. With a simple guideline, you can get natural-looking lashes that gets everyone wondering if your lashes grow overnight.

Eyelash Extensions and Types

Eyelash extensions are cosmetic applications that give you a fabulous-looking lash line. They are made of light synthetic fibers and materials that are glued to each natural lash to give a seamless blend of lash and extensions. 

There are 4 basic types of Eyelash Extensions and they are:

Classic Eyelash

Hybrid Eyelash

Volume Eyelash

Mega Volume Eyelash

These types of eyelash extensions are all dependent on the ratio of lash extensions attached to the natural lash. The Classic Eyelash is the least voluminous, while the Volume lash, is the most voluminous with exception to the Mega Volume Lash. The Classic Eyelash carries the simplest natural look of all these eyelash types.

How Can You Create Natural Eyelash Extensions?

Natural Looking Eyelash Extensions
Natural Looking Eyelash Extension by Ahdeela Khan Beauty

Eyelash Extensions can give a simple or dramatic vibe, it all depends on quite a number of factors which we would look at in this article. Creating a natural eyelash extension is dependent on these: 

  • Firstly, you must be able to decide what kind of eyelash extension material to use.

Eyelash extensions are made of different materials such as: 

Silk Fibers


Faux mink

Horse hair

Mink fur

Some eyelash extension materials are naturally gotten from animal fur, and there are a lot of questions about how these materials are gotten from animals. But mostly, eyelash extension materials are synthetic fibers. And they vary in their degree of plasticity. The more plastic your eyelash extension is, the more unnatural your eyelash extension would look after application.

The idea is to use synthetic fibers that have the natural feel, and look of your natural lash. Faux mink and Silk eyelash extensions give that natural look and feel. They still have the ability to retain their shape and curl.

Your choice of the lash extension will determine how natural your eyelash would look and feel. 

  • To Nail A Natural Look you must greatly consider Individual features like :

Eye Shape

Client’s Age

Skin Tone or Complexion

Scoring a natural lash would take you more than just buying any random lash, and sticking them to your client’s lashes. It would take you some careful consultation to view your client, and weigh their desired lash choice against these factors.

The beauty of lashing with a professional artist is the fact that you cannot just get what you want. That may sound awkward, but that’s the bitter truth. A Lash Artist is a trained personnel who makes lash decisions to suit an individual client’s choices and features.

This isn’t to mean that your choice of lash extensions is tossed out the window, but that your choice of lash must be weighed to see how much it suits you.

Eye Shape

A natural-looking lash must suit your eye shape perfectly. Your lash extensions must look like they were customized to suit your eyes. This is why we strongly advise against lifting any lash extension style off a magazine. 

There are different eye shapes, and these eye shapes are all styled differently. A wide-set eyes for example should never be caught with a cat eyelash extension. However popular cat eyelash extensions are, they don’t sit well with all eye shapes. 

Take the eye shape test, and know how to style each eye shape for more natural-looking eyelash extensions. Our article: how to choose the right eyelash extension for your eye shape will help you on your quest to get natural-looking eyelash extension.

Client’s Age

This isn’t talked about often, but if certain clothes are inappropriate for certain age groups, then you can bet that there should be a more appropriate way to style clients of different age groups. 

There shouldn’t be much of an issue styling a younger person, but an older person would need your skill even more. Using very curly and lengthy lashes can make your elderly client look like some caricature. Something more subtle in length and curl is just appropriate. The idea is to make their eyes pop without looking like you have done much.

Skin Tone/Complexion

Choosing lash extensions that suit skin tone can give more natural-looking lashes. For example, natural lashes do have different colors and not all lashes are black. You can have slightly varying shades of black, brown, or a tint of red.

To nail a natural-looking eyelash extension, it is best advised to choose eyelash extensions that are a close match with your natural lashes.

Natural Eyelash Mapping

Eyelash Mapping is a technique of placing lash extensions of varying lengths in different parts of the eyelid. Eyelash mapping can determine how natural your extensions would look.

There is a natural eyelash mapping style, and it is styled in a way that imitates the pattern of the natural eyelash. Natural Eyelash mapping always would start with shorter lengths like the 7mm extensions in the inner corner of the eyes.

Gradually lash length is increased with just about 1mm difference till just a little past the midsection. The longest length of about 11mm after the mid-section, and a gradual decrease of 1mm again to the outer corner of the eyes. 

See the natural mapping style below according to lash length:

7mm, 8mm, 9mm, 10mm, 11mm, 10mm, 9mm.

This is a typical style of Natural Eyelash Mapping as lash lengths are close to each other for a more natural look. 

Natural Lash Length

To score a natural-looking eyelash extension you must consider the natural length of the client’s lashes. Using very long lashes doesn’t give a natural look. But using lash lengths that are not more than 2mm longer than their lashes would give a very natural look.

You want them walking out of your salon with the illusion of well-grown lashes and not some synthetic strands sticking out obviously. To create natural-looking lashes, lash lengths should not go beyond 12mm at the most.

Natural Lash Diameter

Considering your client’s natural lash diameter is essential in getting a natural-looking eyelash extension. Using very thick eyelashes could make it more obvious that you are wearing fake lashes. Compare the eyelash extension to your natural lash in diameter, and choose one that is of the same or similar diameter.

How To Care For Your Natural-Looking Eyelash Extensions

Eyelash extensions once fixed need some good care to retain their beauty. If not handled well, your lash extensions can go bad very quickly. It is very normal for your lash technician to go over basic maintenance with you. Here is your guide to keeping your natural-looking lashes for longer:

  • Stay away from heat treatments for 48 hours of your lash application
  • Avoid rubbing your eyes as this could pull out your extensions and even damage your natural lashes
  • Avoid sleeping with your face on your pillow. And sleep with a satin pillow to reduce the tugging of your extensions on a cotton pillowcase
  • Never curl your eyelash extensions with a mechanical curler as this could damage them. Use a heated curler instead to curl them

With eyelash extensions, you can have natural-looking beauties that get your friends wondering how your lashes grow overnight. They would wonder about the magic potion used to grow them. *chuckles* 

More people are embracing natural-looking eyelash extensions as natural is the new cool. In this article, it’s clear that it is possible to get natural-looking lashes. If you would follow our simple guidelines, you are just about to become the envy of all eyes.

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