How to Get Dramatic Wispy Cat Eye Eyelash Extensions

If you are considering cat eyelash extensions, you may have been wondering how to get them and if they are the best lash extension style for your eye shape, as there are different styles of lash extensions that vary in length, volume, curls, and thickness. This article will explore the cat eyelash extension style and how to get dramatic wispy cat eyelash extensions.

What Are Cat-Eye Eyelash Extensions?

Cat eye lash extensions
Cat Eyelash Extensions by Lady Lash&Brow

Cat-eye eyelash extensions are the most popular style of lash extensions. With this style, longer extensions are applied towards the outer corner of the eye. In contrast, the shorter ones are applied in the inner corner creating a winged or feline-eye look, and can be done dramatically or naturally.

The cat-eye eyelash extensions widen and open up the eyes, thereby giving a sultry, sexy, and alluring look. Several times, a good lash technician may use shorter extensions above the outer corner of the eyes, so your eyes will open up even more.

Moreover, this extension style is the thickest towards the outer edges of the eyelid, and it can make your eyes appear longer and thinner. Additionally, cat-eye eyelash extensions are perfect for special occasions and everyday wear. You might want to check out: What Are Cat Eyelash Extensions

What Are Wispy Cat Eye Eyelash Extensions?

Wsipy Cat Eyelash Extensions
Wispy Cat Eyelash by Lash Cure Lash

Wispy cat-eye eyelash extensions combine different shapes and techniques, such as classic lash, volume eyelashes, and wispy lash fans, to get different styles. This extension style is created by combining spikes with lash extension fans and applied with different lash lengths and curls.

Nonetheless, the most significant advantage of wispy cat eye eyelash extension is that they gradually get longer from top to bottom of the eye, forming a wing-like effect that tends to extend gradually. You might want to check out: What Are Wispy Eyelash Extensions?

How to Get Dramatic Wispy Cat Eye Eyelash Extension

Dramatic Wispy Cat Eye Las Extensions by Lashes By Hon

An eyelash extension map is an eye drawing showing where each type and length of extension should go. Since Wispy cat eye eyelash extensions are the most requested eyelash extension style, lash technicians must have excellent skills to create a customized map that satisfies their clients’ desires.

Clients have different eye shapes as well as different eyelashes. Most of them have fragile eyelashes, while the rest have thick and bold eyelashes, so to get a dramatic wispy cat eye eyelash extension, you need various lash lengths to create a dramatic look.

For instance, from the inner corner to the outer corner, choose a 9,10,11,12,13,14,15, and 12 for the end. Always remember that when doing a lash map on the eye pads, use different colors to present different curls, as this activity is beneficial. Below is an example of a dramatic wispy cat eye lash map. You might want to check out: The wispy Lash Mapping Guide

Step-by-step On How To Get Dramatic Wispy Cat Eye Eyelash Extensions

1. Identify The Spikes

Before getting started, the first thing the lash technician does is to identify the spikes. Spikes are made from closed fans or wispy volume lashes, and likewise, wispy classic lashes contain individual lashes. Therefore, using an adhesive, lash technicians will apply two individual lashes or closed fans at a close range.

Generally, there are 7-10 spikes per eye, and individual lashes range between 10-20 mm in length with a thickness of about 0.07 mm. It is advisable to start with the spikes first, as they will help give a feel of the final look before you even start to apply for the extensions. Also, the best curl to use for the spikes is the C, CC, or D curl, or you may even choose to mix the curls or stick to one type of curl.

A bonus tip is to use different lengths in the spikes, and the highest point should either be in the middle or outer corner of the eye. Also, avoid applying spikes at the inner corner of the eye to avoid undesirable results.

2. Proceed To The Filling Stage

After the spikes are in position, you can proceed to the filling stage. This stage involves deciding which lengths to go between the spikes. Afterward, add a layer of 2-6D fans, also known as volume lashes, in between the spikes to fill the gaps using a lash adhesive.

Ensure you use lengths 1-2 mm shorter than the spike used at the high points. Most lash technicians usually use fans that are 7 mm to 14 mm long and very thin and then 0.03-0.05 mm in C or D curls.

3. Fill The Gaps With Volume Fans

This should be the last stage. After filling the gaps with volume fans, allow your client to look in the mirror and make amendments if need be.

How To Choose Thickness, Length, And Curves For Dramatic Wispy Cat Eye Eyelash Extensions

Generally, dramatic wispy cat eye eyelash extensions are just a shape. As a result, any curls can be used, but results have proven that achieving the wispy cat eye with flat or baby curved lashes is challenging. Therefore, to achieve the dramatic wispy cat eye eyelash extension, it is recommended to use a J curl extension and also a B, C, and D curl.

Moreover, not that, the degree of curls solely depends on the client’s shape of eyes. On the other hand, the thickness is determined by the clients’ eyelashes and, of course, whether you want to do single or multiple lashes.

However, when trying to figure out the thickness you can use to achieve dramatic wispy cat eye eyelash extensions, find the longest lashes to determine the most extended wispy cat eye eyelash extension model and vice versa, then match it to the shape of the extension you want.

For instance, if the shortest wispy cat eye extension model is 8mm and the longest is 13, the models you should use should be 8,9,10,11,12,13. Either way, you can also make adjustments if need be.

What Kind of Eye Shape is Perfect for Dramatic Wispy Cat Eye Eyelash Extensions?

Wispy cat eye eyelash extension is the most requested style of eyelash extension because it has the positive effect of transforming the eyes and making them look attractive. However, this lash extension style is not suitable for all eye shapes. Below are the kind of eye shape that is perfect for dramatic wispy cat eye eyelash extension

1. Almond-shaped Eye

This kind of eye shape works best for wispy cat eye eyelash extensions. The shape is a bit more narrow than the round eye shape, but not too narrow that you can’t apply thick cat eye lashes.

2. Round Or Deep-set Eye Shape

If you have a round or deep-set eye shape, the wispy cat eye eyelash extensions can help balance your eyes’ shape.

3. Small Or Thin Eyes

Since the significant benefit of the wispy cat eye, eyelash extension is to transform and enhance the eyes; therefore, if you have small or thin eyes, this lash extension style can help transform the shape of your eyes by widening the curves of their outer corners, which will make them more expansive and open.

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