Open Eyelash Extension: What You Should Know

Eyelash extensions keep serving us different styles to suit individual looks and styles. It is the benefit of using them as their versatility makes them a girl’s favorite. With eyelash extensions, the possibilities are endless.

From Classic to Volume Eyelash Extensions, you can have it simple or dramatic. Many who shy away from using lash extensions, do so in fear of not getting a more fitting style. There is an abundance of lash choices to meet every individual needs.

You can have your lash look customized to suit your eye shape.
One customized lash style is the Open eyelash extension, and I will explain in this article what it is all about, and the eye shape that fits this look.

What is An Open Eyelash?

An Open eyelash is a lash extension style that creates an open eye effect. This lash style is created by placing the longest lash at the middle and center of the eyelid. This lash look is different from the natural look, which has lash extensions of close lengths placed from the inner to outer corners of the eyes. The Open eyelash extension gives a more open, and wide-eyed look!

How To Map An Open Eyelash Extension

Mapping is everything with eyelash extensions, hence the need to master the skill.
The open eyelash extension is styled with the longest length in the middle, and other shorter lengths tapering down to the edges.

I’ll give a guide on how you can achieve this look.

Start with Inner Corners lengths like 7-9mm.

Use the shorter lengths in the inner corners and begin to increase length till you get to about 12-14 mm in the middle of the eyes and gradually decrease again as done for the inner corners. The most common lash lengths used to create the Open eyelash extension is 9mm – 14mm.

There can always be variations in length, depending on the lash strength to carry the lash extension.

No one size fits all, with an Open Eyelash look, lash extensions of different lengths, curl, and thickness can be used to create this look. The lash artist has to consider other factors before deciding what would work best for the client.

Eye Shapes For Open Eyelash Extension

If you are looking at trying an Open Eyelash extension, one of the things to consider is your Eye Shape.

An Eye Shape is a unique way the eyes are shaped or placed within the eye sockets. Knowing your client’s eye shape is an excellent guide to knowing what lash extension type will suit them. Eye Shapes are classified due to their Shape, Positions, and Presence or Absence of A Crease. It isn’t that difficult to know your eye shape, and you can read more about that here.

The Open Eyelash Extension is not for every eye shape, and here I would list the eye shapes that would greatly benefit from the open eyelash.

The first on the list is the Hooded Eyes

The Hooded eyes are eyes that have extra skin at the lid, and it creates an overlapping skin or hood on the eyelid. Use an open eyelash extension to create a more open eye look. Also, use a more curly lash at the edge to create more elevated open eyes.

Deep Set Eyes

This eye shape is classified based on its position as it is deep within the eye socket. Nothing will best flatter this eye shape than an open eyelash extension. With this eye shape comes much depth, and an open eyelash brings the eyes out and makes them more prominent.

Almond Eyes

The almond eyes have a shape that looks great on different lash styles. The almond eyes have more length than width. An Open lash extension is a great option for making the almond eyes look bigger and wider.

Wide-Set Eyes

The wide-set eyes is an eye position that has the eye set further apart from each other. An Open eye shape can look good on this eye shape. The density and volume in the mid-section and shorter length at the edge can make the eyes appear closer to each other.

The Open eyelash is an excellent option for flattering and showing off the color of your eyes or new contacts as it makes it more visible and open to be seen.

Eye Shape Not Suited for Open Eyelash Extension

As flattering as an open eyelash extension is, it is not suited for all eye shapes. If you are round, close-set eyes, avoid using this eyelash type, and I have written why below.

Round eyes should avoid using this eyelash extension as it can make your eyes look bigger, and you already have big gorgeous eyes. This eye shape should try a lash style that will elongate the eye length. An excellent choice is the Cat Eyelash Extension.

Close Set eyes can be best flattered with cat eyelash as it draws more attention away from the center of the eyes. Don’t use an open eyelash extension for this eye shape.

Different Ways To Rock An Open Eyelash

You can rock your open eyelash extension with varied lengths, curls, and thicknesses. Open eyelash extensions are further customized by using different lash curls, lengths, and thicknesses.

Classic or Volume Open Eyelash Extension
You have nailed your eye shape with the open eyelash extension, now you must nail your style preference. How do you like the general look? Simple or Dramatic?

The Classic Open Eyelash

This is a more simple look with each extension fixed to one natural lash. Shorter lengths are fixed from the inner corners to the mid-point. It is vital to note that the Open eyelash has a thicker and denser midsection.

The Volume Open Eyelash

Looking for some more dramatic lash look? Turn up the volume! Create a voluminous open eyelash by adding more lash extensions to one natural lash. It could start with 2D to 10D. It’s safer for your lashes to stay within 2D-6D. Going beyond that could pose some damage to your lashes. 2D and 3D create a less dramatic look. 4D-6D is more dramatic with added volume and density.

You can rock open eyelashes classic or volume, the choice is all yours. Make your decision based on your style preference and individual lash strength to hold up the lashes.

Try Out Eyelash Falsies with An Open Eye Effect

New to these lash terms, and you are still not sure about stepping into untested waters? I recommend you try out An Open Eyelash False Lash. Falsies are great options for newbies, and they make it all simple and straightforward.

Not everyone is cut out for all the application procedures required to fix a lash extension. And not everyone is willing to spend an hour plus getting a complete lash set done. With falsies, you have pre-determined lash length, thickness, and curl. So it would be good to know exactly what suits you to make a good decision.

An example of a falsie to create an eye-opening effect is Ardell Extension FX B Curl False Eye Lashes for Eye Opening Effect.

No need to shy away from extensions because you think they won’t look good on you, eyelash extensions can be customized for you. And good thing if you have hooded, almond, wide-set, or deep-set eyes, then you can rock the open eyelash extensions all you want.

And if you need to create the Open eyelash look for a one-off event or occasion, Open-eyed Falsies comes to the rescue. Either way, you can have your Open eyelash just the way you want it!

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