Clear Mascara: Uses, Pros and Cons

We purchase makeup tools because of what they can do. And many times we lose track of the many possibilities a makeup product can do as there seems to be more than one purpose. And sometimes, we underestimate the importance of a makeup tool, either because we are not quite used to the makeup tool.

One of such makeup tools that beats your expectation is the Clear Mascara. For some, this makeup tool may be new to you, and probably never knew it existed. While for others, you have seen it in some beauty store, but didn’t think it was worthy to be purchased. After reading this article you would appreciate the Clear mascara better as you find out its many useful purposes.

What is Clear Mascara?

covergirl clear mascara
Covergirl clear mascara

A Clear Mascara is just like your usual mascara only without the pigment, hence the name- ‘clear mascara’. It carries the same function as regular black mascara but with additional benefits. Let’s look into what clear mascara can do.

What Can Clear Mascara Do?

Small but very useful is the clear mascara, and these are the many benefits of purchasing a clear mascara:

Defines Natural Lash Curl

The clear mascara helps to define your natural lashes in the most natural way. Using clear mascara is getting a curled lash without looking like you are wearing makeup. This is an excellent option for bare and natural enthusiasts. To achieve a more natural look, apply clear mascara to the top or bottom lashes and curl them. The clear mascara holds up your lash curl for longer.

Used To Set Your Brows

When we step out of our houses we all desire our makeup to stay in place. This is actually possible using the clear mascara, and it can also be used to fill in your brows. If you have brows that are always in a scattered array, the consistency of the clear mascara will help to hold the brows in place. Say goodbye to crazy brows.

Darkens Lashes and Brows in A Sleek Way

The Clear mascara performs similar duties to your regular black mascara, but without the color pigment. Using clear mascara on your lashes or brows makes them glisten with some luster. The same way your lashes look when saturated with water. You get to have your lashes look healthier, that’s a plus for using clear mascara.

It Can Be Worn As A Lash Primer.

Lash Primers have become necessary makeup tools in adding volume to your lashes, and a good canvass for your pigmented mascara. The clear mascara can stand for your lash primer by coating and sealing them with a clear formula. Your lash appears thickened, and upon coating your pigment mascara, you get the same result as a lash primer.

Serves As A Lash Separator

Do your lashes cluster together, looking photo unworthy? Get them well separated with the clear mascara. Clustered lashes can look sparse as lash gaps are noticed in some parts. Get your lashes evenly spread out through your lash line with the clear mascara, making them appear fuller.

Smudge Free

Tired of trying smudge-free hacks with black mascara, and still missing it? The clear mascara is here to your rescue. Coat your lashes and fear nothing about black pigment staining your eye makeup. Say No To Racoon Eyes! -Use A Clear Mascara.

Better Option of Mascara For Eyelash Extensions

Use the clear mascara to coat your lash extensions to keep their curl in good shape. Black mascara can heavily clump your eyelash extension, making it look messy and over done, but not clear mascaras. You give them a good sheen, watch them sparkle as new again.

A Quick DIY Fix For A Pigmented Mascara

Still in love with creating colored mascara vibes? You need not worry, with a clear mascara handy, you are in good hands.

  • Use your desired pigment powder
  • Rub in your clear mascara.
  • Mix well till pigment is well spread.
  • And coat your lashes

There you have it- your self-made Colored Mascara!  This would help save some extra cash too.

Used To Control Flayed hairs

Your unruly front baby hairs need some control, your clear mascara can act like a gel in this case. Stick out your mascara wand and brush into your hair, blend it into the rest of your hair. 

Clear Mascara vs No Mascara

maybelline clear mascara
Maybelline clear mascara

You might wonder what difference it makes if it’s clear. Imagine purchasing one and being open to endless opportunities. What’s not to love about this clear curling gel that leaves no residue behind. Another lovely thing is they are fast drying too. For those looking for just lash curls, it’s your go-to make-up tool. A day at the beach would never go wrong with this beauty product. 

Perfect for everyday use, it is more gentle on your lashes than pigmented mascara. Your lashes get to receive additional nourishment from clear mascaras as they are endowed with lash boosting ingredients.

Clear mascara can be worn on a daily basis or when you don’t want to deal with the mess of black mascara, it’s your choice. To achieve a more natural look, apply clear mascara to the top or bottom lashes.

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