B Curl Lash: What You Should Know

Eyelash extensions are trendy these days, with everybody from A-listers to ordinary people going after them. While eyelash extensions look amazing, the result is achieved through effort, concentration, and in-depth knowledge. As a lash technician, the best way to select a good eyelash extension for your client is by trying out the different features available.

B Curl Lash Extension

The features may include eye shape, preferences, curls, length, thickness, size, types, and all other parameters. For this reason, we will consider B curl lash extensions. Keep reading to know more.

What is B Curl Lash Extension?

B Curl Lash
B Curl Lash by Laneyaslashes

B curl lash extensions are considered the wow factor in eyelash extensions because they give natural-looking lashes that add extra length and volume while looking low-key, so they don’t come off as completely fake. They are also the second most natural eyelash extension available in the lash market that can give a considerable length and volume to your client.

Most clients love the B curl lash extension for many reasons. First and foremost, the base of the curl is very straight and has a slight lift at the end of the lash, which adds volume. Unlike J curl lash extension, B curl mimics the look of a natural lash, and because of this, it is suitable for clients who want an effortlessly natural look.

Secondly, the B curl lash extension is a soft curl that can make straight lashes look accented. The curl softly lifts those with straight lashes at an angle of mostly 45 degrees.

It also opens the eyes of clients with upward lashes, which is why it can be used for the inner side of the eyes. Essentially the B curl elongates your natural lashes without all the dramatic curls, and you can also use the curl underneath the smaller lashes that seem to hide to add more stability to the look.

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What Is The Difference Between B Curl and B+Curl Lash Extensions

When selecting eyelash extension curls for your clients, the first thing you should know is how the curls will be, physically and aesthetically. Another thing to remember about the lash extension curls is their angle and how they will create the best looks.

B curl and B+ lash extension curls are similar but different. As mentioned above, B curl gives the natural lashes a bit more lift. However, the lift on the B curl lash extension is called the B+ curl. B+ curl is curvier than B curl but less dramatic than C curl or CC curl lash extension, and it is perfect for creating a natural look that lifts your natural lash line without making it look artificial.

B + curl lash extensions are often added to mega volume sets, which is the best way to lift your client’s curly lashes. They are not used for downward or upward-facing lashes but work best for straight lashes, with the angle being 50 to 55 degrees. A professional tip is to mix B curl with B+ lash extension curl depending on the lash extension style you want to achieve the desired result.

What Is The Difference Between B Curl and J Curl Lash Extensions

There are a variety of eyelash extensions, and not all have the same retention or longevity. As a result, the curlier the lash, the shorter the retention because the natural lashes are not enough to attach to the base of the extension. Therefore, it is essential to choose the right combination of curl and thickness of the lash extension according to a client’s natural lash.

Although the B curl lash extension can give you the appearance of naturally curled lashes with a straight base, if you want a perfect and voluminous look while keeping your natural length, try using the J curl lash extension. J curl lash extension is very straight from the base right up to the tip, where there is a very wispy curl at the tip.

Like the B curl lash extension, the J curl lash extension is ideal for a more natural look without all the glam curls. The lack of the curl in this lash extension may make the lash look more extended than a curlier lash. With B curl lash extension, you can add length and volume to your natural lashes, while with J curl lash extension, you can achieve wispy-looking eyelashes.

Which Eye Shape Is Compatible With B Curl Lash Extension

Different eyelash extension curls will help to define and accentuate specific eye shapes. Below is the kind of eye shape that is compatible with B curl lash extension.

Almond Eyes

Because almond eyes are longer in width, any lash curl will go well with it. They also have an oval shape with a slightly upturned outer corner. If you want your eyes to appear longer, go for a longer lash extension in the middle of the eyelid for an open-eye look.

Round Eyes

This eye shape is very open and alert, so to tone down the alertness, the B curl is the ideal lash extension because it helps to relax the eye shape. B curl lash extension is also ideal for people with naturally straight lashes that point straight or upward.

So, Which Eye Shapes Are Not For B Curl Lash Extension?

Hooded Eyes

With hooded eyes, the crease above the eye socket is invisible, so using B curl won’t improve the look of your client’s natural lashes.

Note that too thin, sparse, and short eyelashes are unsuitable for B curl lash extensions. Also, clients with drooping and deep eyes should avoid b curl lash extensions because the curl can’t handle the flaws of their look but will only make them heavier.

What Are The Best Eyelash Extension Sets For B Curl Lash Extension?

Although the B curl is not the curl that gives too much creativity and uniqueness, lash technicians often use this curl to support thin eyelashes and keep up the shape of the eyelashes. Here are the best eyelash extension sets for B curl lash extension.

Classic Eyelash Extension

Since B curl lash extension is the perfect curl for the needs of natural and delicate beauty, it would fit perfectly with a classic eyelash extension because the extension is simply an eyelash extension style that offers a natural look.

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Hybrid Eyelash Extension

Hybrid eyelash extensions combine different curls, lengths, and lashing techniques. Therefore, combining a B curl lash extension will highlight the lashes. You can also mix the C curl in the center of the lash extension to lighten the eyes more.

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Volume Eyelash Extension

Finally, B curl can also be applied to volume eyelash extensions to give clients a complete look and a soft and natural look.

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