How Much Are Eyelash Extensions?

If your false eyelashes, lash lifts, and mascaras are not giving you enough boost and your desired look, then eyelash extensions might be your only solution. Eyelash Extensions are semi-permanent fibers that are carefully applied strand by strand to your natural lashes. Though the application is quite tedious, once you are done, the lash extensions transform your face and give you a boost together with a stunning look.

Lash Extensions
Lash Extensions by @Elly John

After applying for your eyelash extension, the final look is meant to enhance your natural lashes with more length and fullness. Whether the look is dramatic or natural solely depends on the client. However, the eyelash extension application takes one to two hours, depending on the look you want.

How Much Are Eyelash Extensions?

Eyelash Extensions are one of the most sought-after lash products in the market, and just like any beauty service, there is a price range when it comes to getting eyelash extensions. The price of eyelash extensions can range from $200 to $500, and the total cost is based on a few different variables, including the location, technician, and the final look.

The price is also based on the style of lashes you receive and the effect you are going for, dramatic or natural. In other words, the more detailed you want your look to be, the more expensive your bill would turn out to be.

Apart from applying for eyelash extensions, another ad-on service for lash technicians is cleaning off makeup or unclean lashes. They cannot apply the extensions to your dirty or make-up-covered lashes, so they charge you for their time. Below is a table showing the average cost of eyelash extensions by type and service fee.

Eyelash Extensions CostClassic Eyelash Extension Full SetClassic Eyelash Extension RefillHybrid Eyelash Extension Full SetHybrid Eyelash Extension RefillVolume Eyelash Extension Full SetVolume Eyelash Extension Refill
Average Price$164.00$71.00$192.00$84.00$227.00$95.00
Median Price$150.00$65.00$183.00$75.00$215.00$88.00
Minimum Price$80.00$30.00$100.00$55.00$113.00$40.00
Maximum Price$375.00$160.00$345.00$220.00$400.00$275.00
Standard Deviation$48.27$21.28$50.88$24.95$62.75$34.00

1. Classic Eyelash Extensions Price

The average price of a classic eyelash extension is $164.00. The complete set of these extensions usually includes 80-100 lashes.

In most salons, you get a set of lashes or half set, which costs less and is completed in an hour. The refill price is usually 50-70% of the full set price if done 3-4 weeks after getting the extensions.

2. Hybrid Eyelash Extensions Price

Hybrid Eyelash Extensions are a blend of classic and volume eyelash extensions. The average price of a complete set of hybrid eyelash extensions is $192, with a median price of $183 and a standard deviation of $50.88. The pricing for hybrid eyelash extensions is quite similar to classic but more expensive.

However, the price depends on the material of the lashes, the popularity and expertise of the lash technician, and whether you want the full or half-set. The refill price of the Hybrid eyelash extensions is usually 50-70% of the complete set of prices if it is done 3-4 weeks after the treatment.

3. Volume Eyelash Extensions Price

The average price of volume eyelash extensions is $227.00, with a median price of $215.00 and a standard deviation of $62.15. The price of these extensions usually depends on whether you choose 2D, 3D, 4D, 5D, or 6D.

The refill price is usually 50-70% of the full set price if done 3-4 weeks after treatment. The more you have fill-ins, the less you pay; most people usually book infills every two weeks to pay 25% of the full set price.

Are Eyelash Extensions Worth It?

Eyelash extensions are an investment, and they have become trendy. On this note, whether they are worth it depends on your personal preference. However, if you aim for thick and long lashes quickly and safely, eyelash extensions might be worth it.

Most people can’t live without eyelash extensions for so many reasons, including no makeup needed, saving time, and the voluminous look it gives. Furthermore, the areas of your face that make the most impact with the bit of time needed are the eyelashes, eyebrows, and lips.

Eyelash extensions are highly satisfying because you wake up every morning with stunning lashes without having to curl them or apply mascaras. Also, the refilling process only takes a few minutes after the initial session, approximately 30 to 60 minutes.

The most exciting part of getting eyelash extensions is that they can help balance other features on your face. They can also be customized to your liking leaving you with the option of either going for a dramatic look or a more natural look. In addition, long, lush eyelashes are what every girl desire; even though eyelash extensions are pretty addictive, they are worth it.

Factors That Affect The Price Of Eyelash Extensions

As mentioned above, eyelash extensions are an investment and pretty expensive, so a few factors determine how much you will pay if you consider getting lash extensions.

1. Where You Live

The price of eyelash extensions tends to vary depending on your location. The price of lash salons in bigger cities is higher, while they are relatively cheaper in smaller cities.

However, this is not usually an issue; you will get good results if you have a skilled technician doing your eyelash extensions. Note that you are also expected to tip the lash technician.

2. The Material

Most salons offer materials like mink, silk, or synthetic. Each of these materials has its respective benefits, ensuring you do your research to determine which type of material you want.

3. The Style

Eyelash extensions come in different styles, and the style you want will determine the amount you will be charged. In other words, go for a more straightforward style and not a complex style because the latter requires more time and effort alongside an additional cost.

4. The Duration Of The Treatment

A complete set of eyelash extensions usually takes about 2 hours, but if you choose to get a half-set, it can be done quickly and less charged.

5. The Expertise Of The Lash Technician

Experienced lash technicians provide quality service, so definitely, they will charge more for their work.

6. Salon Experience

Most salons charge different prices, like offering free drinks or featuring modern décor. Note that the price structure varies. Some lash technicians can charge by the hour, lash, or the amount of work needed to apply your lashes.

7. Other Materials

Lash extensions need other materials like lash adhesive, eye pads, and tape for a smooth application.

8. Appointment Length

Your appointment length will also determine how much you will be charged because a more extended time results in higher costs.

Other Costs To Consider

The price of eyelash extensions is one thing, but there are other additional costs. These costs include the cost of refills, removal, lash baths, gratuity, consultation, lash prep, and application. You can’t skip these costs because they are more like an additional service to keep your extensions healthy and safe.

1. Refill Appointment

Refill is an essential part of the lash extension upkeep and the most expensive part. A refill can cost between $75 to $150 or more, and it’s essential to keep up with the appointments regularly to get the most out of your lash extensions.

2. Removal Appointments

Eyelash extensions are easily removable, and if you want to get a set of lash extension removed, the cost range from $25 to $50 or more. Most salons don’t usually charge this amount if you get another lash treatment like brand-new lash extensions or a lash lift. The salon can also waive the fee if you remove your lash extensions from an allergic reaction or eye health issue.

3. Lash Baths Appointment

Lash baths are essential to clean your lashes to remove residue of the adhesive stuck on your lashes. The appointment can cost between $5 to $20 or more.

4. Consultation

Before getting your lash extensions, you would have to undergo a consultation. This consultation allows talking to your lash technician about your desired look.

After the said consultation, your lash tech will come up with a perfect style for your eye shape. A patch test will be conducted to ensure you are not adhesive to the adhesive.

5. Lash Prep

Lash prep includes brushing and cleaning your lashes before applying for your extensions. However, your lashes need to be clean to enable the adhesive to stay on for as long as possible.

The lash tech uses patches or tape to prevent your lower lashes from sticking to your upper lashes. This will also help keep your eyelids in place while applying the extensions.

6. Application

Application is the essential part of getting your eyelash extensions. This process requires the lash tech to take their time since they work so close to your eyes and use professional glue. In addition, you are not just paying for the application; you are also paying for their skills because they put lash clusters together to give your extensions that voluminous look.

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