What Are Doll Eyelash Extensions?

Make-up can be frustrating at times, especially when it comes to eyelash extensions, but it takes practice to become a professional, just like any form of art. Eyelash extensions can either make or mar your daily look, but apart from that, it helps women save both money and time for makeup.

Doll Eyelash Extensions Explained

Doll Eyelash Extensions

Doll Eyelash Extensions, also referred to as open eyelash extensions, are an eyelash extension effect that creates a wow factor and helps achieve a bright “doll-like” set of eyes. These eyelash extensions make the eyes look bigger, wide-open, and expressive and are best suited for monolid, hooded, and almond eye shapes because they create a flattening, opened-up appearance.

To get the perfect doll eyelash look, allow your lash artist to apply the extensions to your eyelashes using the proper tools and materials. Make sure your lash artist analyzes your natural look to determine which style will be suited for your face.

The doll eyelash extension keeps your eyes light and relaxed and also gives the illusion that you have shorter and lengthier eyelashes that are naturally curled and upward. These lash extensions are lightweight and are attached in an attractive way to correct specific eye shapes and makes looks more appealing.

To get the perfect doll eyelash look, allow your lash artist to apply the extensions to your eyelashes using the proper tools and materials. Make sure your lash artist analyzes your natural look to determine which style will be suited for your face.

Since they make the eyes appear more significant, they do not make them fuller. They are just short at the inner and outer corner of the eye and longer in the middle with a combination of open and natural eyelashes. If you want a natural look with an eyelash extension, Doll Eyelash Extensions are the best option.

Who Should Get Doll Eyelash Extensions?

As mentioned above, doll eyelash extensions give the illusion that you have shorter and lengthier eyelashes that are naturally curled and upward. However, when using this type of eyelash extension, the depth and angles of your eyes matter. Doll Eyelash Extensions are best suited for the following eye shape

1 . Wide-Set Eyes

When doll eyelash extensions are used on people with wide-set eyes, their eyes appear large and stunning.

2. Almond Shaped Eyes

If you have almond-shaped eyes, doll eyelash extensions are the ideal eyelashes for you because they will make your eyes appear more prominent.

3. Monolids

For Monolids and even hooded eye shapes, doll eyelash extension is a great choice.

4. Narrow Eyes

Doll eyelash extensions help to widen narrow eyes and make them stunning.

Who Should Not Get Doll Eyelash Extensions

Since the doll eyelash extension helps to attract attention to your eyes, it is, however, not recommendable for certain people.

1 . The doll eyelash extension is not suitable for people with eye problems—for example, Conjunctivitis.

2. It is unsuitable for people whose eyelashes tend to fall out for unknown reasons.

3. It is not suitable during pregnancy

4. It is not recommended for people who have weakened eyelashes.

What Are The Best Technique For Doll Eyelash Extensions

Several techniques can make doll Eyelash Extensions; it depends on your preference and natural lashes. 

1 . Classic Doll Eyelash Extensions

This technique is natural and is the same method used for making any set of classic lash extensions. It is also created using a 1:1 ratio.

2. 2D Volume Lashes

These extensions are the best option if you are looking for a fuller but natural-looking set of extensions. This technique is created using a 2:1 ratio. That is, it attaches two lashes to one natural eyelash.

3. 3D Volume Eyelashes

The 3D Volume Eyelashes are created using a 3:1 ratio, meaning three extensions are glued to one. Before you opt for this technique, allow your lash artist analyzes your eyelashes before starting.

4. Conny Lashes Tip

The Conny Lashes Tip technique is used when you are unsure about the condition of your eyelashes. It helps to transform your look without affecting the natural eyelashes.

Doll Eyelash Extension Mapping

Doll Lash Map
Doll Lash Map by @

It doesn’t end in mastering the skill of how to apply eyelash extensions to natural lashes successfully; you also need to master lash mapping. Lash mapping can be described as a technique for planning the lengths, curls, and thickness you will use to create a desired set of eyelash extensions. 

Doll eyelash extensions map allow you to design the desired appearance; to achieve this look; it’s best to go for premium eyelash extensions. To start with lash mapping, divide the eye into four zones. All zones must include varied lengths of eyelash extensions. 

This procedure should start from the inner corner of the eye and should move towards the outer corner. With this, the eyelash will rise to the middle of the eye, and for best results, the length of the lashes should be between 8 mm to 12 mm.

Always remember that the length of the lash extension always relies on the natural eyelashes, so at the middle of the eye, let the length of the lash rise to 12 mm. The last part of this procedure is essential if you want excellent and clean work.

Use a similar size as the inside corner (The shortest length is 8mm). Ensure the transition is smooth so the lash line looks natural. When you’re done, there should be a clean eyelash row in which the length can increase towards the middle of the day eye and decrease at the edge.

What Are The Best Curls For Doll Eyelash Extensions

When it comes to doll eyelash extensions, choosing the right curl plays an important role.

1 . C Curl Lashes

C Curl is commonly used for classic Doll eyelash extensions. It gives a satisfying lift and is perfect for people who prefer a stunning lash lift.

2. CC Curl

CC Curl is a unique curl that is less dramatic than the C Curl. It creates a whole new look and is best suited for people with glasses.

3. D Curl

D Curl is the most suitable option for people who prefer volume doll eyelashes. It hides wide-set eye shape, grows down eyelashes, and can transform a woman’s face to a whole new look.

Advantages of Doll Eyelash Extensions

The advantages of doll eyelash extensions include,

1 . Doll Eyelash Extensions Creates A Stunning Look

It makes the lash lines appear fuller while remaining lightweight.

2. These Extensions Makes It Possible To Correct Certain Eye Shape

Since the outstanding features of this style are smooth and cute, the lash lines become bright and lovely.

3. It Makes It Easier To Choose From Different Volume Eyelash Techniques

These eyelashes support various extensions without adding too much weight to the customer’s eyes.

4. They Create A Density Volume Lash Look And An Open Effect

The extensions make small eyes appear bigger and rounder.

5. No Make-Up Needed

The lash lines are full and thick, so additional makeup will not be needed.

How To Care For Doll Eyelash Extensions

To maintain the effect of doll eyelash extensions, they need to be correctly taken care of.

1 . Avoid using greasy creams and other oily substances on your lashes. The oily substance can degrade the glue used to attach the lashes. Instead, go for micellar water or oil-free products.

2. Do not pick or pull your eyelash extensions. It can damage the natural eyelashes.

3. Sleep with a silk pillowcase to protect the lashes.

4. Try not to rub your eyes because it can affect the adhesive composition negatively.

5. After getting the eyelash extensions, avoid swimming in a pool for the first three days.

6. Wash the extensions every morning and wait for them to dry out before combing. Also, comb the eyelashes regularly with a special brush every morning; this way, they won’t get tangled.

Lash Types To Use For Doll Eyelash Extensions

You need to use the right tools and materials to achieve a stunning doll eyelash extension look. Here are the three solid choices for lash types to create the perfect doll eyelash.

1 . Silk Lashes

These extensions have a natural sheen that gives lashes a gleaming shine.

2. Mink Lashes

Mink Lashes are going remarkably similar to natural eyelashes. They are light and smooth and give structure and density to lashes.

3. Cashmere Lashes

Cashmere Lashes are one of the most luxurious lashes available. They are 60% lighter than Mink lashes and have a fantastic retention curl.

Is There A Difference Between Doll Eye And Cat Eye?

Doll Eye and Cat Eye are trendy styles, but they have one thing in common: they make the eyes appear longer. Cat-eye style features a long, slender Iris, while a more extended and broader iris characterizes doll eye style.

The doll eye style is also characterized by long lashes that sit at the outer corner of the eyes, whereas the cat eye is more suitable for those with narrow, round, and deep-set eyes. Nonetheless, these two styles are great for a dramatic and stunning eye look.

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