Doll Eyelash vs Cat Eyelash Extensions: What’s the Difference?

More and more, Eyelash extensions have become a thing in the beauty and fashion world. You see eyelash extensions from the pages of magazines, to make-up tutorials on Youtube, to the face of the girl who lives next door, I mean everywhere! You almost cannot avoid talking about lash extensions, they have come to stay. 

As we see more people embrace lash extensions, and try out different lash looks to see which best suits them. There is the tendency to copy and paste, and what I mean is you want the very same style you saw on some Youtube Tutorial or Magazine. Sorry to burst your bubble Sweety! But it doesn’t work that way. Your YouTube binging can leave you confused about which eyelash style to pick.

Some common lash styles you may have come across quite often on your Lash Quest, are the Doll Eyelash and the Cat Eyelash. Which of these lash styles are you likely to try? Well, you don’t have to bug yourself about that as this article clearly explains each lash style, which is best for you, and how you can slay with any of them.

Doll Eyelash Extensions

Doll Lashes
Doll Lashes by lights_precious_lashes

 The Doll Eyelashes has been rocked through time in different ways. This lash look gives you the Barbie Vibes, an excellent option for rocking special occasions as it gives you a full glare. The glamorous-looking Doll Eyelash creates a more open wider eye look and makes your eyes look more prominent.

This lash style can be traced to Sitcoms back in the days, but it has since evolved and taken a wider acceptance in the mainstream beauty and fashion world.

Today The Doll eyelash is nothing old in style but is seen rocked by many Celebrities on Red Carpet.

Cat Eyelash Extensions

Cat Eyelash
Cat Eyelash by alicetreharne_beauty

Famous for its winged eye look, The Cat eyelashes have served us one of the most alluring lash styles the lash world has ever seen. The Cat eyelash was mostly achieved by creating an extra wing at the outer corner of the eyes with eyeliner. It has since then evolved into using lash extensions to create an alluring, mysterious eye look. 

 The Cat Eye has been depicted in many movies like… Cat Woman in which Halle Berry starred, and Maleficient with Angelina Jolie. You need not wonder why it’s that famous.

My little lash intro is to prep you for the big scoop on these lashes and what choice you can make for yourself or for a client.

Doll Eyelash Vs Cat Eyelash

Eeny, meeny, miny, moe, which of these two lashes goes? Okay, Scratch that!

Oh, how I wish choosing a lash extension was that easy! The perfect lash choice is more demanding than it seems. If you are looking at rocking any of these two lash styles you must know the general outlook of these lash styles. 

The Doll Eyelash creates a more open-eye look than the Cat Eyelash and this is because of the unique mapping style that draws more attention to the eyes by making them appear bigger.

Ever seen those wide-eyed-looking Dolls, with their chic faces and hairstyles? That’s the Doll eyelash extension! 

Mapping Style of Doll Eyelash

The Doll Eyelash is mapped by starting with slightly shorter lengths in the mid-section of the eyes and gradually increasing length with the longest lash at the center and a shorter length towards the edges. This lash style gives more attention to the center of the eyes and the look that says- ‘I am Innocent’.  The Doll Eyelash gives a wide eyed kind of look that’s completely captivating.

Mapping Style of Cat Eyelash

The Cat Eyelash is mapped with shorter lengths from the inner corners of the eyes, and lash lengths are gradually increased to the mid-section and then lengths reduced to the outer corners of the eyes. The Cat eyelash has the most winged eye look to lengthen the eye shape, making them appear slimmer and longer. The Cat eyelash creates a more hypnotic eye look and it’s the reason many can’t get over this eye look.

Doll Eyelash or Cat Eyelash? Which is Better For Me?

Choices, Choices, Choices! Choosing the appropriate lash style comes with some good lash skills. You can’t lift lash looks from the pages of Magazines and just replicate the same for yourself or a client without observing the Eye Shape.

Eye shapes are different for individual clients, and mastering the eye shape is key to unlocking stunning eyelash extensions. Eye shapes can be round, almond, deep-set, close-set, monolid, or hooded. Let’s see the eye shapes that suit these two eyelash extensions below:

Are you Round Eyed?

If you find your pair of beautiful eyes are round, it many times would mean they are quite big. You have already been endowed with big eyes and there is no need to make them look bigger. The Doll Eyelash is a No-No for you!

Instead of The Doll Eyelash, Go for Cat Eyelashes that would lengthen your eye shape and make them appear slimmer and more alluring. The Doll Eyelash on round eyes would create a startled look that can make you look like you are in a state of shock. Sure you don’t want such a look.

Are you Almond Eyed?

Almond eyes are so versatile to style as the eye shape can accommodate many eyelash styles. 

The Almond eyes can rock both the Doll Eyelash and The Cat Eyelash it all depends on the look to be created.

Looking for Bigger Almond Eyes?

If you want to make your almond gorgeous pairs more open and bigger, then go Doll Eyed! Doll Eyelashes are perfect for creating wider looking almond eyes

Looking for more mysterious-looking Almond eyes?

If you desire to rock your almond eyes and give them a more alluring, mystical look? Then Cat Eyelashes are your best bet! The winged look will further elongate your eyes, with a touch of mystery. 

It is essential to note that if you are already almond-eyed, you can tone down on the lengths at the edges as too much length may create an overly lengthy eye shape.

Are your Eyes Wide-Set?

The wide-set eye shape is an eye shape with eyes further apart from each other. Your client’s probably have given up on lashes as they may have used lash extensions that pull their eyes further apart giving them a weird look.

Restore their confidence by using Doll Eyelashes to create a closer-looking eye pair. The longer-looking lash at the center gives a shorter dimension to the eye spacing.  A Cat Eye-look is your worst enemy if you have Wide Set Eyes, as the winged lashes further separate your eyes, making them appear wider than they already are.

Are your Eyes Close-Set?

The experience of this lash style is a contrast to the Wide-Set Eyes. The aim is to make the eyes appear further apart from each other. Your go-to eyelash is The Cat Eyelash. Cat Eyelash will create wider-looking eyes with its winged edges.

If you have Close Set Eyes, stay away from Doll Eyelashes. They don’t flatter your eyes as they make them appear closer than they already are.

Are Your Eyes Deep-Set? 

Deep-Set eyes need a lash style that further brings out the eyes from their sockets. A Doll Eyelash comes to the rescue as it further opens your eyes revealing the beauties they are.

A Cat Eyelash doesn’t flatter this eye shape, as it further hides the eyes behind the shadows, and adds more mystery to it that can be a total turn-off.

Are Your Eyes Hooded?

The hooded eyes have eyelids that create a hood-like appearance over the eyes. This eye shape needs a lash style that opens the eyes and gives it a more wide awake look. No better lash style to get the job done, than the Doll Eye Shape. 

Are your eyes Monolid?

A monolid eye is an eye shape with no visible crease, and it can be pretty difficult to lash. Your lash skill can fail with a monolid eye but with the right information, you can make this eye shape gorgeous. 

You can style with both Doll and Cat Eyelashes. You can create wider-looking eyes with a Monolid eye that has no crease at all using the Doll Eyelash with a C Curl. While a Monolid with some visible crease can be styled in Cat Eyelash with L+ Curls. The Extreme Cat eyelash is a great option using a short lash extension to create a double lid look. 

In conclusion, a Doll Eyelash gives you a more open wide-eyed look than a Cat Eyelash. A Cat Eyelash gives a more alluring look that captivates the heart and soul. You can achieve great looks with any of these lash extension styles by adjusting the lash extensions in length, curl, and thickness to suit individual features. 

Take note, you may style two clients with the same eye shape differently, by customizing the lash length, curl, and thickness to suit the client’s features. This is a hallmark of a great Lash Artist.

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